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Search results

  1. WaterWalker

    Anyone ever encounter this problem??

    Electrolysis would be my next method. The Whydah Pirate Museum has a superb setup. A great tour if you ever make a trip to Cape Cod.
  2. WaterWalker

    OBN, What is the gold count this year??

    Now I know where all the older class rings have gone. Great presentation. Just wondering if you have kept a record of hours per year you have spent in the water achieving such a collection. At 76 I still strive to detect 400 per year. I am at 250 for this year so far, I better get going. We have...
  3. WaterWalker

    I did everything!

    Depending on what the "island" beaches are like, I would test the 900 against the PI and more than likely I would stay with the PI. Each environment you detect may change your mind. I detect beaches that I would only use a PI and other only a Multi-Freq water detector.
  4. WaterWalker

    11' Equinox Coil repair questions

    I have used PC7 (black) and PC11(white) epoxy with great success since 1992....tried and true. I have not used the gorilla product. A reinforcement of some kind is recommended and then one of the 3D printed supports. Make sure the added support does not prohibit the use of the 3D Brace.
  5. WaterWalker

    Leaking PF35

    My PF35 leaked the first time in the water. Maybe Flex Seal will "renew" mine, nothing to loose.
  6. WaterWalker

    Will be comparing Manticore to my Nox 800

    Enjoy the challenge. Wishing I could be there. My oldest is a Roman coin, 282-286 Emp. Carususing a Whites 6000DI way back in 1982. I'm sure you will have geat stories to post.
  7. WaterWalker

    Nox 800 headphone not working.

    Try cleaning the contacts on both the charger cable and the headphone with a soft pencil eraser. Make sure there is no small build up of magnetic particles on the charger magnet.
  8. WaterWalker

    Nox 700 charger

    If you have the Samsung charger, it is not a cheap knock-off, it will serve you well.
  9. WaterWalker


    The charger should have a rating of at least 5V - 2.0A. The contacts on the detector and the charging cable need to be clean. Rub them LIGHTLY with a PINK eraser then a soft cloth. Reconect and it can take upwards of 7 hours depending on how discharged the battery ways.
  10. WaterWalker

    headphone adpt cable

    Yes, the Equinox and Exterra-Pro headphone connectors are identical.
  11. WaterWalker

    Best coil for the Excal in saltwater wading

    All I used on my Sword and 1000 was the WOT 15" coil. It (two coils) served me well for over 9 THOUSNAD hours.
  12. WaterWalker

    Snow Snow Snow..!

    Way back in 2003 a maintenance man lost all his keys while snow plowing the parking lot. I found 17 of the 18. I went back a month later after the snow melted and found the last, lost key. February 2015 - A schoolteacher lost two rings while out on a fire drill. The school's janitor found the...
  13. WaterWalker

    Keep it sell an original Excal 1000

    I still have my original Excal Sword, from 1991, and will never sell it. It still finds the good stuff. It has the original headphones, on it's fourth coil, its original, two WOT coils and now a Excal II coil. A new carbon fiber shaft, the first was broken when it was caught in a Mexican bus...
  14. WaterWalker

    CKG Titanium Sand Scoop?

    I bought the Extreme Surf Master X3 with the 54” CF handle. Later on I added the Anderson Neptune T-Grip which is similar to the CKG Metal Detecting Treasure Hunting Back Saver Pull Handle but is offered in various colors. And I just received the Extreme 3 piece travel shaft for the Titanium...
  15. WaterWalker

    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    Merrill (Metal Detecting NYC) on YouTube said MineLab should have the answer today on what the "50% more powerful into the ground" actually refers to and if or what the FCC specifies what the output power of a metal detector could be.. I may be wrong, but what I remember from years ago is that...
  16. WaterWalker

    Doubts over Manticore 50% extra power.

    I have not seen what the 50% more powerful refers to. It could be battery power, computer power, radiated power, coil ear resilience to breakage, audio power, light lumens, screen display, or it a combination of all the improvements? Has anyone seen in MineLab's documentations just what they...
  17. WaterWalker

    CKG Titanium Sand Scoop?

    Titanium will weigh less and last longer than Stainless Steel of comparable size. The only drawback is the price. BUT, I will never look back and regret the price I paid. My arm's health would be much better had I obtained a Titanium scoop 40 years ago, they just were not available then. A pull...
  18. WaterWalker

    Do y’all think it’s real?

    Try comparing your find with photos at: You might also want to call Cartier and ask about the ORD and number. Looks good to me but the best way would be to verify with Cartier.
  19. WaterWalker

    Equinox 600 diagram

    I have to assume the schematics are proprietary and you will never get one. Plus, us you are not into micro-miniature repair and have a source for the failed part you would be out of luck anyway. Just think...When was the last time you saw a television repair shop? We have become a "Throw-away...
  20. WaterWalker

    Manticore Software problem?

    I do not have my Manticore yet so I cannot verify: The manual GB does not function in the beach modes because by default the recommended Tracking Mode in ON as the it continuously changes the Ground Balance. This is true for the Goldfield mode also. Maybe if you manually turn the Tracking Mode...