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Search results

  1. B

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    Thanks for all the input Ive decided to get another Carrott It was always good to me , why change
  2. B

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    I was out the first of the month detecting and unloaded everything out of the truck when I got home. ‘Didn’t notice until a few days ago my pinpointed is missing, when back to the field I was in and did not see it, had been some traffic there so someone picked it up. ‘It was a Garrett Carrot...
  3. B

    Headphones volume trouble

    There is a reset button and for some reason the WM10 lost its pairing and after a few resets and try’s it hooked up and seems to work now
  4. B

    Headphones volume trouble

    Was out a couple days ago and everything worked as it should . ‘Today went out and turned on the CTX3030 and also turned on the WM10 modular and plugged in my BlackWidow headphones and the sound was there but very low, not enough volume to use in the field. Checked all the volume controls and...
  5. B

    Glow orange under uv light

    No Yoopers there, all look like calcite
  6. B

    XChange 2 transfer

    I finally got a reply back from Minelab and they have told me where the files are . Have not done It yet Thanks BT
  7. B

    XChange 2 transfer

    Got a new computer and want to save all my info on Exchange 2 As I’m not computer savvy, do I just grab all the files off the old and put them in the new machine? Will the software find the info and pull it in and nothing lost? BT
  8. B

    Looking for advice on CTX mapping effectiveness

    I find the feature usefull Ive got a site in the middle of a corn field and I can see where I have tracked on countless trips, I can mark spots for finds and also can mark a point to go to and continue my search across the area BT
  9. B

    CTX3030 map question

    I use the GPS a lot . I have one large field and I record my track and save . Also have marked finds and things on the ground and it will get you back to that spot. Its great if you want to mark a place to restart a days hunt and mark property lines. ‘It works I’m sure there’s something more...
  10. B

    Dinosaur fossil?

    I think it’s just an interesting rock that has facial features, nice find
  11. B

    Post pics of your fluorescent disply

    They are getting harder to find in some areas, wait till after a big storm or go to a more remote area with less traffic
  12. B

    Post pics of your fluorescent disply

    Yoopers come from the UP along Lake Superior
  13. B

    Post pics of your fluorescent disply

    After finding YooperLight’s several years ago I got the idea to build a display box. Ive got a 70w SW lamp and 2 LW lamps in the box Going to need a bigger box soon
  14. B

    xchange 2 program question

    It’s really not much of a program. It does have useful storage for things on and off the CTX . I use the GPS and save the tracks I travel and have them on the map with best finds marked and waypoints to start from I have always just built the programs I want in the software and put them on the...
  15. B

    Coming to Tupelo Miss. for a few days

    Be down there the 16/17 of this month anyone want to share a Civil War site hunt? Never been able to do any of that in the Midwest Not many places BT
  16. B

    Broken Coil

    There was a guy on one of the forums that advertised the kit to fix coil ears , I bought a set just to have look around in the accessories listings , if I see it I’ll repost and I’ll look and see if contact info is on the one I bought . Hope this helps BD
  17. B

    Saved a Fisher 1235-x

    My neighbor had a 1235-x that they were trying to get rid of and I said I’d look into it and show them a web site to put it up for sale. They bought it new and never used it. Didn’t want to mess with selling it and just gave it to me. I put it together and installed two batteries and it fired...
  18. B

    Exchange 2 problem

    Opened up my exchange 2 Program and was looking around and noticed some extra stuff. There was some info that someone else had added or somehow just ended up in my program. This guy is in Australia and I have the location that he found a nice gold nugget , so I guess , road trip :clapping: I...
  19. B

    EMI question

    Can a cell phone “smart phone” cause EMI ? I’ve always had mine with me and on when detecting and have never experimented with it being off! Never noticed any terrible problem but maybe it could cause some minor noise? I was reading another forum and someone mentioned a cell phone as a possible...
  20. B

    Cold Test Garden

    Finally got into a walking boot yesterday, I’m happy. I think I’ll put some heat tape on the CTX and play in the test garden today. It’s only -20 and -50 wind chill but on the bright side it’s going to be 50 Sunday, almost a 80 degree differance !! Ya gota love winters in IL , if ya don’t like...