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Search results

  1. J

    Barber, Vs & Indians / Old Navy Button / Sheriffs pin badge / 1930s Tootsie Toy

    Great finds. I have dug a few of those old cars and discovered they have replacement wheels and axles on the internet. I cleaned them up with a dremel tool, repainted them and they look great.
  2. J

    Got two permissions.

    On a dig some years ago I found several plastic Easter eggs buried in the dirt. Looks like they were out there in the grass and the owners added fill dirt. Coins in every one of them from the mid to late '80's. No silvers though!
  3. J

    Sometimes I wonder

    The Etrac was and is a great machine, but it is HEAVY and out of balance! The 800 is, to me, far superior in almost every area and much lighter and better balanced! The Deus is also a great machine and light, but the learning curve on it is much higher and the tdi/vdi is not near as good!
  4. J

    question about detecting on Historic property in Maryland

    Possibly the owner had had the property in his family for a few hundred years or so and wants it to stay the same! I personally think it is a great deal for all of us to have history staring us in the face. And correct, an owner of the land can do as he pleases, unless HE has signed away...
  5. J

    Ctx 3030

    Ran the 3030 or about 5 years. To me, it is the absolute best target id of any machine ever! Waaayyy too heavy but with the 6" coil on a demo lot it was lights out!!
  6. J

    Neighbor was told a pyramid of revolutionary gold is buried on his property!!!!

    Odds are high, if he shows up, he WILL get a signal but will want money 'up front', for HIS equipment and HIS time! Sort of like the story about an air traveler at the ticket counter, ells the ticket agent he is afraid of a person on the plane with a bomb to blow it up! The Agent tells him...
  7. J

    Equinox 540 vs 900

    To me, with an 800, 900 and D2, the 900 'seems' to be a bit more sensitive, quicker, and the numbers move a bit more. I think the numbers are consistently within the 'range' of the expanded system. Just taking a bit more of a 'recall' process for me of watching the depth, the number and tone...
  8. J

    My one good find today an the rest

    Nickels on my 800, Field 2, come in at 12, if the numbers dont move, the depth doesn't move and the tone is steady it is a nickle about 95% of the time. If the number moves and or depth changes it is not a nickel. War nickels come in at 18-19 or blurp[y 13. V's are almost always 11, Buffs...
  9. J

    D2 Update Wish List

    A sniper coil
  10. J

    Just pulled the trigger on the Manticore

    The manticore appears to be a cheaper version of the CTX, which to me was the absolute best on target ID. The CTX color screen showing he iron was a great additional bit of 'dig or dont dig' info. I have the 800 and 900 and the 900 is a bit more sensitive than the 800, deeper also. And on...
  11. J

    Does anyone know what this is

    A pic of the bottom would help! If it has some sort of female threaded hole it is part of decorative item.
  12. J

    Looky what I found on my doorstep. Manticore!

    What is your opinion of the coil attachment regarding the ears?
  13. J

    Manticore Update

    Sometimes being first is like being the pilot of a plane that is crashing!! Yep you got there first! And yes I am on the list in the Houston area.
  14. J

    New 900 Info.

    So are you using something like a z-link? I realize I can plug in a set of low latency earbuds but I would far rather be sort of cord free.
  15. J

    New 900 Info.

    Dan, if you dont mind what is the wireless setup you are using for ear buds?? And what part of our fantastic state do you reside? I am in the Houston area which has about 50-100 demos a week! Cant keep up.
  16. J

    Equinox 900 vs Legend

    To me, just MHO, the additional ability to discern what is there might be worth it! The CTX, again, to me, had the absolute best target id of any machine ever! Lots of information to make a dig decision. Right at the moment as I hold the 900, one thing really disappoints me - it does not have...
  17. J

    The Legend is on fire!

    I think I would move!!
  18. J

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    I for one, hunt mostly, heck about 99% of the time, on house/commercial demolitions! There is trash from nail, roofing tacks, bits of copper, bits of aluminum, bottle caps, cans, pipes, led, etc,. EVERYWHERE! Every 6 inches has several targets! The D2 desperately needs a small coil, 6" hocky...
  19. J

    New Detector for Parks, soil, and relics.. ...Equinox or Deus 2 ?

    I have two machines, the 800 and the D2. I worked my way from a Whites 6000, Excalibur, E-Trac, F75, CTX to the NOx then the D2. Most of the upgrades were for weight and or balance. Both the 800 and D2 are much better balanced than their predecessors. The 800 seems to me to be a lot more...
  20. J

    It's refreshing to see more well rounded reviews.

    I will be 80 in September and I hunt mostly house or business demolitions here in the Houston area. Mostly houses from the late 1800's to 1950's. After a demo on the house there are hundreds of nails, bits of aluminum, lead, copper, iron, etc., everywhere. I have about 50 hours on the D2 and...