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Search results

  1. CT Todd

    Manticore UK Ring find September

    I’m well thank you, I’m swinging a D2 and a Manticore this year and doing equally well with them. Good luck
  2. CT Todd

    Manticore UK Ring find September

    Hi Guys I thought you might like to see a 1700s Posey Ring that I hit in Colchester. Running a slightly tweaked general program. I hunt the manticore just like I always used to hunt the CTX. All metal. The ring hit at 24. Get out there.
  3. CT Todd

    Finally coming together LOL

    On my trip to colchester this fall I finally got a gold coin ! It's been a long time coming. The coin is a 1672-84 Charles II milled gold half guinea and it was about 7-8" down. It read 68 in a Slightly tweaked program 1 at zero GB and running 7.1 software. The D2 is a monster machine and worthy...
  4. CT Todd

    Upgrade to the Deus 2?

    No Question it's a well done unit.
  5. CT Todd

    Is There a Deus 2 Update Coming

    I'm told yes
  6. CT Todd

    WSA 2 XL headphones issue/question

    This is a very Odd issue. The first thing I would do is download the software to the unit and start over. Write down your settings because you will lose them. I think this should be first.
  7. CT Todd

    Test comparatif Minelab Manticore vs XP Deus 2

    Much deeper bent square nails. I look forward to it.
  8. CT Todd

    Last couple of hunts D2

    Sorry I can't yet as it's just about to come out in Andy's new D2 book
  9. CT Todd

    Last couple of hunts D2

    Hello I don’t think that the D2 is deeper than the D1. I think the D2 is much more stable. I think the D2 is a fine machine. Get out there.
  10. CT Todd

    Last couple of hunts D2

    I got out on Sunday to a cellar hole and hit a gorgeous Liberty Cap 1794. Really nice one. I also hit a beat up CT Copper along with the normal junk. Then on Tuesday after work I hit a field that I’ve been waiting for 2 years to get back on again. Timing. Did real well there with Shoe and Knee...
  11. CT Todd

    Anyone try out the Deus 2 and then switch back to the Deus?

    There is always a bunch of whining from guys as they make the change from one machine to another. Most of which is just inpatients with the learning curve. You should have heard them when we went from the Etrac to the CTX OMG it was comical. I find the D2 to be a very stable and deep machine...
  12. CT Todd

    Equinox coming up on its 5 year birthday

    A bit of a shaky roll out, but a proven machine at this point as long as you don't use it as a cane.
  13. CT Todd

    XP hand book Andy Sabisch 5.2

    The new book for Deus II is in the works.
  14. CT Todd

    How to set threshold on Deus 2 ?

    Hello, Are you asking how to do it or how each of set it for hunting? I do believe in using the threshold and I like it set as a barely audible hum. It is a help with very deep searching. Get out there
  15. CT Todd

    The find that I wanted

    It’s a 51
  16. CT Todd

    The find that I wanted

    26 years ago after my first hunt. I bought a Red Book. I looked through it and saw coins that I didn’t know existed. Was amazed by them and wanted them all. I really liked the “odd” things like 1/2 cent, 1/2 dime, two cent but the coin I wanted most of all was the three cent silver. I have...
  17. CT Todd

    A first for me

    Nice one
  18. CT Todd

    Double Down on the coppers

    She's a pain. Great hunt anywhere!
  19. CT Todd

    Couple hunts

    Nice work having fun!
  20. CT Todd

    I would agree to a copper a day

    You are always welcome to hunt with me Gary