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Search results

  1. pulltabfelix

    question about old moonshine still

    These look like meta grain storage bins that were built into the ground. I am assuming for raw materials making moonshine. But I am not sure. I have metal detect a leveled out area upstream about 30 feet and found lots of rusted barrel hoops and a bent U-shaped small gauge rail road track about...
  2. pulltabfelix

    this guy went to a lot of trouble on his XP2 field book

    click on this to view
  3. pulltabfelix

    CTX to the XP2

    About a year ago sold my CTX to buy the XP2. Why? Too heavy for me since I am older and I hated the swing harness especially the Minelab swing harness. Got the Doc Swingy Thingy and it was much better but you still had to unhook it on kneeling and digging. At least I did. Love the very light...
  4. pulltabfelix

    went from heavy to light

    Tried the CTX3030 for 1 year. Loved everything about it except one thing. The weight. Had to use a swing harness and hated every minute of it. Tried the Minelab swing harness and it was the worst for me. Switched to Doc's Swingy Thingy harness and it was much better than the Minelab harness...
  5. pulltabfelix

    Scary...but I survived

    been there before on my purchase of a CTX3030.
  6. pulltabfelix

    Anyone used to live and detect in Atlanta and know some great places that you used hunt?

    That is pretty much what some older detectorists locally have told me.70's & 80's there were lots of detectorists hunting cobb county because one that was the boom times for new homes in Cobb County with pretty decent average income hence ability to buy good detectors. Plus whites had some good...
  7. pulltabfelix

    Anyone used to live and detect in Atlanta and know some great places that you used hunt?

    Metro Atlanta is a tough place to find silver coins. I am looking for good coin or civil war relic hunting spots in metro Atlanta. If you used to hunt these areas back in the 70's and 80's and wouldn't mind sharing the locations, please send me a private message. Thanks
  8. pulltabfelix

    anyone know the XP2 TID for a civil war belt buckle?

    I am rather optimistic. Would like to adjust my relic tones on my XP2 to have a distinct tone on civil war belt buckles. Any know what they ring up or have a XP2 and CW belt buckle to get the TID?
  9. pulltabfelix

    What is the Best WAY to determine depth with the Deus 2

    On my CTX3030 it reported in inches and most times it was right on for silver coin sized targets. I think that was one reason among many it was such a good coin hunter. If it was deep you knew pretty much how deep the coin was and if it was in the expected silver depth range. on the XP2 just...
  10. pulltabfelix

    Deus 2 coil trade

    I got the 9" and the RC unit, WSA II/xl and MI-6 as a package. Pleased as heck with it. I knew that I hunt in mostly trashy urban/suburban locations so the smaller coil was a must for me. We just don't have open fields and beaches in North Atlanta.
  11. pulltabfelix

    with regrets, I sold my CTX3030 after 11 months.

    I have watched a lot of his videos and find them very informative. Loving the D2. The combination of my Wireless WSA II, xl headphones and wireless MI-6 pinpointer and 9 inch coil fit my type of hunting and makes for easy recovery. No unhooking the harness, sliding the left ear of my headphones...
  12. pulltabfelix

    Equinox 600 and 800 on sale everywhere!

    Sold my last year with 2 coils and got enough for a new CTX3030. Kind of figured the prices would drop with the XP2 out and manticore coming. Didn't know about the 700/900. Going to stick with the XP2. I personally don't see anything in the published specs on the 800 or Manticore to dump the...
  13. pulltabfelix

    Equinox 900

    Like any new release we will have to wait until the first adopters get the 700, 900 and Manticore in the field and give an honest review.
  14. pulltabfelix

    XP Deus 2 Depth Concern

    I thinking in the field you have silver coins which we know are typically deeper than clad. But they have been the ground longer and have had plenty of time for a nice ion halo effect to develop which makes them look bigger to the detector. And as a caution, when you dig and disturb the soil...
  15. pulltabfelix

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    I found it pretty easy to learn coming from CTX3030.
  16. pulltabfelix

    New XP Deus II user here with the 9" coil with MI-6 and WSA II XL headphones

    Have owned the CTX3030 and Nox 800 so should not have too much trouble learning xp2. CTX was a fine machine, but simply got tired of having to use a swing harness. Looking forward to learning the XP2 and hope the wireless MI-6 and WSA II XL headphones are all that I expect them to be.
  17. pulltabfelix

    looking for rings in the find gold program

    I find that kids are truly more interested in my metal detecting that adults. Most adults will either ignore me or ask me if I found any gold. Kinds on the other hand will ask intelligent questions.
  18. pulltabfelix

    with regrets, I sold my CTX3030 after 11 months.

    Best detector I have ever owned. But I could not get over the weight and necessity using a swing harness. It got to a point where detecting was not fun any more using a swing harness. I will be buying the XP Deus II, with the RC, 9" coil and WSA II XL headphones. Heard a lot of good things about...