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Search results

  1. Diggin' B

    Detecting in Fresh Water

    Good question. I would like to know this myself. Always trying to learn from others.
  2. Diggin' B

    Exterra pro IDs stability

    Exactly my thoughts process.
  3. Diggin' B

    So much for new update

    Exact same here
  4. Diggin' B

    Exterra pro IDs stability

    Although, I like the 6 coil. The price of one kept me away. It kind of defeats the lower cost of the X-terra. I know there is always the used market and all. Anyhow, hopefully, those Vanquish style coils happen.
  5. Diggin' B

    Exterra pro IDs stability

    I sold my X-terra Pro. I might get another one day if they get some new and smaller coils out.
  6. Diggin' B

    Exterra pro IDs stability

    I agree with bigtim1973. ORX was everything he said. I do like my current WS6 master unit though.
  7. Diggin' B

    New, new update 1.1

    Good question DigDog. I wonder the same. We will get the update figured eventually though I hope.
  8. Diggin' B

    New spot ,looks like it may yeald somthing

    Good luck out there.
  9. Diggin' B

    My second time out with the Legend.

    Maybe try using Google lens to find a match. Nice find!
  10. Diggin' B

    A few hunts with my Nokta Legend

    Very nice! The real treasure is that you were able to find a park containing that much. Around here everything has been gone over and over by me or another.
  11. Diggin' B

    So much for new update

    I had the same issues. It charges but that's it. I tried on my home computer and at work. It must be what Mudwhale just mentioned. I will mess with it again later.
  12. Diggin' B

    using wired headphone with Xpro

    Yes, just unscrew the cap. Earbuds or whatever you have. I bought the adapter cable though because I have the 1/4 jack headphones. I also like that the adapter screws in and plugs the hole.
  13. Diggin' B

    Some accessories for the Xterra Pro

    I bought the exact same setup. At least we get that extra foot or so of cord length.
  14. Diggin' B

    Pulled another silver out of the hunted out park

    I hope to get out tomorrow before the rain hits. It seems like all of my days off are rainy and heavy winds.
  15. Diggin' B

    Pulled another silver out of the hunted out park

    Very nice! It's amazing how some look like they were lost last week.
  16. Diggin' B

    X-terra Pro Bass Pro Shops?

    Hopefully, some new American made detectors are coming soon. That would fix some of of the shipping issues
  17. Diggin' B

    X-terra Pro Bass Pro Shops?

    I agree but I would rather be using it at this time of the year. I will get my coils through a dealer later though. I feel sorry for the guy with the highest bid on Ebay for that one. It was nearing $400 the last I checked.
  18. Diggin' B

    X-terra Pro Bass Pro Shops?

    Mine is coming from Wisconsin.
  19. Diggin' B

    X-terra Pro Bass Pro Shops?

    I got free shipping and I just used the guest checkout. They Email you updates on the shipping, which is through FedEx. I mean there is normal tax but shipping was free and to get it in 4 days while others are on a waiting list is pretty nice.