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Search results

  1. C

    Today's heartbreaker....

    Prettier than the stainless ring I found in the water this past summer. Just a big plain band. Had me excited thinking it might be platinum or palladium.
  2. C

    Red Clay

    You any relation to that loudmouth guy from Tennessee? The one that thinks he's a professor.
  3. C

    Red Clay

    Not too worried about your guarantee, inasmuch as I've dug pennies and dimes to 8", using the small 6" coil AND in red clay.
  4. C

    Red Clay

    Where do you come up with that info? I live in Virginia and haven't noticed any issues with the Legend in our red clay.
  5. C

    Little bling

  6. C

    Bling, bling, bling, then silver ring!

    Nice ring. Gotta love that Legend.
  7. C

    What is this large ring

    Mini stargate. :)
  8. C

    whats the best detector you ever had

    No question, it would be the Legend. I REALLY like this detector. I just need to find more time to use it.
  9. C

    Not a silver coin or ring, but I'll take it....

    Silver is always good.
  10. C


    Felix, that is quite surprising to pull that many nickels with no gold. Strange thing today in that I went out for about an hour and a half (first time out in about 6 months). Found $3.01 in clad and what I THOUGHT was a small silver ring. It rang up at 49 VDI (quarter range) and came out...
  11. C

    Finally Struck Gold

    Excellent. Gold is always good.
  12. C


    I believe the "P" stands for plated.
  13. C


    Just a quick online search. Yellow is alloyed with copper and zinc and white is alloyed with silver and nickel.
  14. C


    Just pondering something and figured the intelligent users here would probably provide a quick answer. Does white gold read higher than yellow gold of the same purity? I'm thinking it would since the white gold is alloyed with silver which is a higher conductor. But, yellow gold is alloyed...
  15. C

    Great hunt with the 800 today....

    You are a digging machine.
  16. C

    Finds from the beach...

    Yep, 2 golds and a silver. Very well done.
  17. C

    Looking for the Nokta Macro bluetooth headset

    You might try holding the power button on for 4 seconds after turning them on. This will cause them to pair. I had switched back to the Nokta headphones awhile back and when I tried to re pair the buds, they wouldn't take. I forgot that you can't just turn them on and automatically pair, you...
  18. C

    Looking for the Nokta Macro bluetooth headset

    Those look like the ones that I ordered from Amazon. Not home right now, but they look the same. They work very well, and the LL marking does come up on the Legend.
  19. C

    Tell us how long you been Metal Detecting

    45 years off and on. First detector was a Radio Shack model. Next one a few years later was a White's 5000D. Had a couple of Garretts, a Minelab and now a Nokta.