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Search results

  1. Geologyhound

    Finds from the old farm

    With finds like that, I hope you have permission to go back!
  2. Geologyhound

    My first day with the 11 x 13.

    I am a bit torn. I understand the balance may be better with a centralizer, but I have been swinging a White’s Spectrum XLT for a long time. So, having the coil mount near the rear is second nature for me. I did feel the 11x13 in my arm after a while, but not as much as the XLT. The 9” is...
  3. Geologyhound

    My first day with the 11 x 13.

    Thanks, and you too! My next plan is to recheck some locations which have yielded mercs and IHPs. I will be thrilled if it finds more at locations I gridded two ways with the 9”.
  4. Geologyhound

    My first day with the 11 x 13.

    Next thing I will have to invest in will be a root cutting spade. Digging around roots with a hand trowel takes time - especially if you are trying to go deep!
  5. Geologyhound

    My first day with the 11 x 13.

    My family got me the 11 x 13 coil as a joint birthday/Christmas gift. Today was the first chance I’ve had to get out and use it. I started at a local beach just to experiment with the pinpointing in an easy to dig environment. I have heard the pinpointing on the 11 x 13 can be a little less...
  6. Geologyhound

    11x13 coil ears question

    Thanks! I got a chance to get out and use it today. It was a bit more nose heavy than the 9 inch. I just kept tightening the wingnut until the coil stayed in position. It wasn’t a problem once I finally got it tightened enough.
  7. Geologyhound

    Lunch hunt - part II

    Lunch break?! That’s a great year!
  8. Geologyhound

    11x13 coil ears question

    Mine came with a lower rod and two sets of washers, inserts and bolts.
  9. Geologyhound

    11x13 coil ears question

    On the regular 9 inch coil (first picture over the sink) the coil ears have two notches which fit the notched insert on the side of the thumb screw. On the 11 X 13 coil, the coil ears have no notches (second picture over white background), but the insert is still notched and doesn’t quite fit...
  10. Geologyhound

    Got out and got lucky

    Always like mercs, and two silver days are few and far between. Good hunt!
  11. Geologyhound

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    However you like to spend it, have a very happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Geologyhound

    My first gold nugget from Ohio?!

    Odd, I tapped the picture, and I recall waiting for the upload. Sorry!
  13. Geologyhound

    My first gold nugget from Ohio?!

    That’s OK, it wasn’t what I was expecting either… 🤣🤣 Sealter’s (?) Gold Nugget. I can’t find it on the Internet, so I am uncertain exactly what it was for. There have been some… interesting… suggestions for some similar foil wraps I have found at the same site.
  14. Geologyhound

    drought over, gold/diamond ring!

  15. Geologyhound

    My oldest coin to date!

    I know it may not be much by some standards, but 1882 beats my oldest coin by about two years. So I am happy to have it! Now to supplant it with something even older… Found it at an old school house about 5 inches down along the edge of a bowl shaped depression from an old tree. It was a...
  16. Geologyhound

    1880 homesite

    Good luck! Please let us know what base program(s) you use.
  17. Geologyhound

    Deus 2 Screen frozen during update

    There was an old problem in a prior update where if you tried to update the controller, and the controller was not close enough to the coil, then the controller would lock up during the update. That was generally fixed by allowing the controller battery to die and then recharging it. Perhaps...
  18. Geologyhound

    Pumpkin carving

    This is not necessarily a hobby per se so much as a yearly tradition… I did the zebra this year, my son did Phineas and Ferb‘s Perry the platypus, and my daughter and I worked on Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.
  19. Geologyhound

    Artifact finds probably 100 years newer than I’d hoped

    Well, I went back to this site, lined up on where I found the Mercury at the end of the last day, and within about 5 feet hit a sporadic high tone amongst the nails with my modified fast program. Dug down and hit about a 3 inch root from a long vanished tree. I managed to yank it out of the way...
  20. Geologyhound

    Artifact finds probably 100 years newer than I’d hoped

    Had about 40 minutes to hunt this afternoon and finally broke my silver drought. This is the first silver dime I have found with my Deus 2. I just updated to version 2. Timewise, this jives with the rest of the stuff I’m finding at this site. But it’s silver, in decent condition, and not a...