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  1. H

    Question about large numbers on remote

    And if you save this as custom program you don't need to do this each time.
  2. H

    2nd Day Deus Strikes Gold!

    I got 3 gold rings this year with my D2: 1 wedding ring 3g from a field 1 ring 2g from beach on Mallorca 1 ring 1g from beach here in Germany.
  3. H

    1st cell phone find

    I found an iPhone last year and got it returned to me from the finds office after 6 month. Unfortunately it is locked by the person who lost it and there is no way to get help from Apple to get or relay the contact data to return it.
  4. H

    Xp MI-6 pinpointer rubber tip protector

    If you use it on a sandy beach regularly instead of a scoop you will have also a nice abbrasive effect which will wear the plastic down pretty fast.
  5. H

    Share your Gold Coin find:

    My only one gold coin was a gold gulden from Hungary, hammered around 1365, found on a field in North East Germany, which does deliver no finds at all. (Maybe the value of all those missing finds was compressed in that one coin.)
  6. H

    whats the best detector you ever had

    I'd like to think my latest detector is my best - the XP DEUS 2. Found also well with the Deus 1, not that good with the Goldmax Power. Of course I'm digging more holes now for signals I might have ignored in the past since the D2 really screams on them.
  7. H

    XP Deus 2 coils 11 inch or 13 inch preferred

    I got the feeling (on D1) that the heavier large coil did not only pull more on the wrist causing pain on longer walks but also makes you swing slower which reduces the better ground coverage. The size was great, if you had to check a specific area very careful since it is much easier to overlap...
  8. H

    Found a Gold necklace today

    Grats. Whenever I dig the 27 value it is hot rock.
  9. H

    9" coil or another machine?

    For the Deus 1 I had the elliptical HF coil. Later I got also the 22cm round HF coil, which was not really much heavier and performed better. Got me also the 22cm coil as spare set with a second D2. You have the benefit of an easy swappable spare coil in the field if maybe the battery is...
  10. H

    Audio response

    Well, who needs to know the depth? The medieval coin can be just below the surface while the modern coke can trash can be found in depths nobody is expecting those. In the same area. So I prefer also a higher audio response around 7. Best greetings from Germany Olaf
  11. H

    D2 Legs

    I think these do a good enough job to stop the Deus from tilting if put down.
  12. H

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    Use the included lanyard to protect the remote against loss. About the EMI - program 7 on D2 is much more resistant against EMI than any of the D1 programs and can take over if the multifrequency programs are playing a concert.
  13. H

    Need help with settings for seeded hunts using the Deus 2

    During my first and only seeded hunt with my D2 I was surprised - even at switching on in the starting row there was no EMI at all (I think I run an incarnation of program 2 at this time).
  14. H

    digging tool

    Looks exactly like the one I purchased a few weeks ago. Looks and feels very robust. Saved me from driving home last Sunday as I forgot my spade. Although nothing for digging deep holes ;-)
  15. H

    Almost lost my remote in the surf !!!!

    Yes it is. I added some cable tie around the grip and slung one of the twines around it to give it more clearance, the other one goes through the hole on the remote. The clip is a kind of quick release to avoid having to fiddle with knots if you need to remove the remote for charging, updating...
  16. H

    Anyone using Deus 2 in full tones?

    I liked FT on D1- on D2 not so, here I prefer the sound as you have it in factory program 4 (pitch with square tone).
  17. H

    DEUS 1 VS. DEUS 2

    The problem with good signals of deep iron containing an iron grunt is that you can also have cases with both iron and a good target in the very same hole without the masquerading from other detectors. So better you dig - even the iron. I do.
  18. H

    Should this be a concern to Dues 2 owners

    I had a few warranty issues with XP during about 10 years of usage - desintegrating rubber on one of the very first stem grips (which came still with the magnetic holder), a coil which was not taking a shallow water walk well, a HF battery not properly charging after some months and a broken...
  19. H

    A special DEUS easter egg

    This golden ring was either jewelry (the slightly pointed end piece could hint in that direction) or a way to keep material in a form which allowed the gold smith to take pieces from it as needed (the broken end could be a hint for this theory, but this could also be from being worked in the...
  20. H

    A special DEUS easter egg

    There was a rainy weekend, and my spouse told me "You have to get some sand, our granddaughter is coming." Well, I didn't like it, but had to go anyway. (On Sunday late afternoon!) Arrived at the sandpit and filled the washing bowl. Rain almost stopped by now, I had taken my detector with me and...