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    Dated watch fob

    Anyone ever find a dated watch fob ? I found one a few days ago. It reads "Texas Industrial Congress ..San Antonio". It's dated 1910. I've found several watch fobs but never one with a date on it until now.
  2. R

    Finds from the old farm

    I'm thinking the arrowhead looking piece might be a watch fob. Nice finds.
  3. R

    Nice clad hunt today..

    That's a nice haul. Love those gravel areas , get a signal and just kick the gravel. Amazing how much stuff goes flying out.. I like those areas almost as much as water hunting.
  4. R


    That's an amazing number of nickels without 1 gold. The majority of small gold rings I have found are down in the foil range but some read solid nickel. Back when I was using a CZ-6A many of the gold rings I found would bounce from foil to nickel on the ID. meter. The majority of the...
  5. R


    What do you think the P stands for ?
  6. R

    Original Fisher Impulse

    Threshold is very sensitive to changes in water depth. I usually hunt parallel to the beach which helps a lot. I try to keep it adjusted to about 2 bars and I do have to adjust it fairly often. If the threshold goes silent it loses depth pretty fast. (that's the down side of this machine)...
  7. R

    Another picture

    Very Nice ! congratulations
  8. R


    I believe it is alloyed with mostly nickel. If it was just plated over yellow gold I believe the plating would eventually wear off. Some of the old white gold bands I have found have a lot of wear on them.. (been worn for years and have deep scratches. ) I've seen no evidence of plating.
  9. R


    The white gold ring will read lower than the gold gold ring if they are. exact same size ,weight , and purity.
  10. R


    No the P stands for plum...."exact"
  11. R


    If you take 2 rings of the same purity and the "same size and weight" white gold usually reads lower. But the purity is not always exact. If the ring is stamped 14KP its "supposed" to be exactly 14K.
  12. R

    Has Nokta abandoned concentric coils ?

    Maybe you're right. But there was also no concentric coil offered for the simplex.
  13. R

    Has Nokta abandoned concentric coils ?

    Sure seems like they have.
  14. R

    Anyone ever encounter this problem??

    YesI found found 1 that was frozen like that this year. Vinegar worked for me.
  15. R

    Tid’s of dimes vs copper cents

    Mine does the same. I just keep digging them because they could they could be silver dimes or small silver rings.
  16. R

    Original Fisher Impulse

    I got a like new Fisher Impulse a few days ago. It's in perfect condition (not a scratch on it) and it runs great. Must have been sitting in someone's closet for years. Using it sure brings back good old memories during the golden years (80's and 90's) when everyone wore a lot of gold. Very...
  17. R

    Review of coiltek 10x5 with Equinox 900

    Love the 900 with 10x5" coil. It's a great coin hunting combination.
  18. R

    Nexus MPV 3

    I wish you great success with it Capphd. I'm watching all the videos on YouTube.
  19. R

    For all the guys and ( gals ) who have been detecting for a while ( like me almost 30 yrs ) what haven't you found yet.....

    Never got a 3 cent silver. Managed to get a gold coin in a ring. (I guess that counts)