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Search results

  1. relicmeister

    Weight comparison

    I’ll post some pics later today, WW. I hunt woods a lot and the lightness of the Deus2 ( and formerly the Deus and Orx) is more than a nice feature- it’s a necessity. I have added weight to the back of the arm cuff of the Deus 2 shaft which I use for the 11” coil ( the 9” coil is used with an...
  2. relicmeister

    Weight comparison

    For the puck controller of my D2 I took the wristband I had from the Deus 1 I had and I made a band out of wide elastic from some thing I had. I used a red hot poker to melt holes in the puck holder and zip tied the band to it. Came out extremely well(I can post pics if anyone is interested). I...
  3. relicmeister

    My thoughts on Detectors lately

    I have long lamented the fact that each new iPhone has new advanced features and software but as I live in a hilly - rural area many calls still get dropped as I’m driving and sometimes I have just one weak bar of reception IN MY HOUSE! Furthermore, the speaker is still just as weak and tinny as...
  4. relicmeister

    Equinox 900

    That’s how the Vanquish and Xterra pro shafts work, but I saw a 900 review and the OP mentioned that the coil rotated on him during use, which is why I questioned it. Thanks
  5. relicmeister

    Equinox 900

    The upper end of the Xterra lower stem has an end cap which I think has a notch that fits into the middle shaft and prevents coil rotation, and it the coil can rotate on the 900, it must be that there is no notch in its end cap , or no end cap at all. I think I read a post where the poster noted...
  6. relicmeister

    Equinox 900

    Can someone verify for me that when collapsed down, the coil can be rotated on the lower stem in order to lie flat ? ( coil parallel to the handle axis ) or is coil rotation prevented, as it is on the Xterra pro? Thanks to any who cares to respond.
  7. relicmeister

    Prayer Request

    Bob , thanks so much
  8. relicmeister

    Prayer Request

    Struggling a lot lately with stomach/ intestinal issues lately that are really messing up my daily life. I think more chronic than serious , but not officially diagnosed yet. Some outside prayer help sure won’t hurt. Thanks.
  9. relicmeister

    Equinox 900

    Had an 800 and 600 then sold the 800, now I only have a Deus2 I like the improvements in the 700 and 900 and might get one or the other. The 700 seems like enough but the 900 does come with the 6” coil so it’s tempting.
  10. relicmeister

    Prayers, please.

    Sent a prayer just now
  11. relicmeister

    minelabs bad decision on coils

    Agree 9” standard would have been better (for my taste) but our English friends would disagree as would the beachcombers.
  12. relicmeister

    XP Deus 2 Book?

    It’s all about T and E ( Trial & Error) and repetition. No matter how much I read the manual it doesn’t sink in. If it clicks at all it’s when I do it for myself in the field or woods.
  13. relicmeister

    XP Deus 2 coils 11 inch or 13 inch preferred

    I have the 9” which I use most cause I detect a lot in dense woodlands. I use the 11” for the greater coverage and depth when those parameters seem more important. But if I had large areas to cover either beach or fields, I’d certainly buy the 13 x 11 for whatever advantage it gave - but it...
  14. relicmeister

    Found a Gold necklace today

    That’s exactly what he found it with
  15. relicmeister

    1728 and 1781 Spanish silver

    Those are real beauts
  16. relicmeister

    Who's still swinging the original deus and orx?

    Had 2 Orx detectors which were ideal and the only reason I sold them was to enable me to get the deus2 which is my only detector now. Very happy with the D2
  17. relicmeister

    The Deus 2 Remote clasp broke today

    I just bought a 3-d printed remote holder that fits into the shaft so remote can’t knock off and it slips in like an open case with a thumbscrew on top piece . I got it so I can remove the remote and wear it on my wrist if I want to. It’s very easy to put in or take out. And They come either...
  18. relicmeister

    I see 1.0 update?

    I’m still using.71 not in particular rush to go to the new update. I have a Chromebook which I believe can be used used for.
  19. relicmeister

    Weight comparison

    I have my 9” deus2 with lightweight ( Orx) shaft with WS6 on stem or wrist band ( homemade) and 11 “ coil on deus2 shaft with option to wear remote on sleeve or slip into a special 3-d printed holder I bought which is easy and attaches to the stem such that getting knocked off is impossible...
  20. relicmeister

    Wake up America we are being destroyed from within

    The moral decay is coming mostly from the left , and they have control of all the institutions. When the right regains power they have a ton of work to do, and I pray they get a backbone and do it. Correction- the Supreme Court is the one institution the left doesn’t have control of , thank God.