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Search results

  1. Tot Lot Bandit

    Garret pro

    Their is a + and - mark on detector at lower right and left sides of battery compartment. Hard to see
  2. Tot Lot Bandit

    Dandy button from last weekend

  3. Tot Lot Bandit

    F-19 coils

    F-19, Gold Bug Pro and Teknetics G2+ are all same detectors. I have owned them all, but have never used a Sharpshooter coil. If you plan on buying one of the detectors I would recommend the F-19 or G2+. The Gold Bug has less options but costs a lot more. The Gold Bug is loud and has no volume...
  4. Tot Lot Bandit

    Vanquish depth, 340 vs 440 vs 540

    They are all the same machine, just different options added to control box. Take the larger coil off the 540 and put on 340 and it gets same depth.
  5. Tot Lot Bandit

    Thought about selling my At Pro

    but it seems there are a lot of used ones on flebay and I have seen some ending prices in the $200 range. Guess I will just keep it. Garrett needs something new now.
  6. Tot Lot Bandit

    Got my G2+ a buddy today.

    Got a Goldbug Pro. I added the 5x10 coil. Will mostly use it for tot lots. Had a great Spring with my G2+ relic hunting. Found my 1st trime and V nickel with it. I just enjoy using these 19khz machines.
  7. Tot Lot Bandit


    I was always buying something else. I like Tesoros, but my Teknetics G2+ is my favorite machine. I will never part with it.
  8. Tot Lot Bandit


    I had a Mojave. I always have wondered how far they have the sensitivity set on a Compadre.
  9. Tot Lot Bandit


    Your coil is the 8" doughnut. Should be a little deeper. I just prefer a slightly smaller coil for the tot lots. Mostly same machine.
  10. Tot Lot Bandit


    The round speaker ones had a higher tone.
  11. Tot Lot Bandit


    I liked the round hole speaker with the 7" concentric. Hard to find now.
  12. Tot Lot Bandit


    I like Tesoro's specifically for tot lots. Will probably get another in the future.
  13. Tot Lot Bandit


    At one time I was addicted to buying Compadres. I have owned 7-8 of Most of them different models. Round hole speaker, horizontal hole. 8" doughnut, 7" concentric, 5.75 concentric and the Euro version which had volume control.
  14. Tot Lot Bandit

    Minuteman falsing issues

    I put the 8" back on and hunted with zero disc at this schoolyard and it cut out the falsing.
  15. Tot Lot Bandit

    Tesoro no longer in business

    I think Tesoro shut the doors around 2017-18. I bought a new Mojave around then.
  16. Tot Lot Bandit

    Tesoro no longer in business

    I just recently bought a mint Silver Sabre Umax on ebay but I could not get it to stop falsing. I sent it back to seller and got refunded. I would have gotten it fixed but I've heard East Texas was slow as molasses. Some guys waiting months to get there machine back. I doubt I will ever get...
  17. Tot Lot Bandit

    Minuteman falsing issues

    Used the 5x10 dd today and it was a world of difference. I doubt the 8" concentric goes back on.
  18. Tot Lot Bandit

    Minuteman falsing issues

    It seems my Minuteman falses a lot with the 8" concentric. I just swapped my 5x10 elliptical off my G2+ and it seems to false less. The Minuteman is 7.7 khz and G2+19khz. Does swapping of coils change the khz on Minuteman?
  19. Tot Lot Bandit

    Loving the Minelab 540 Pro Pack!!!

    I used the 340 on a couple relic hunts and it seemed to high tone on deep rusty nails more than any machine I've used. Parted ways with it. Did find a nice gold ring with it in a tot lot.