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Search results

  1. Mudwhale

    Thought about selling my At Pro

    Never sell the ATPro. I bought the ATMax the same time as my Deus II and guess what? Max found a bunch of goodies while my Deus was charging. The AT machines are great detectors!
  2. Mudwhale

    Button ID

    Most likely mid 1700's to early 1800's flat button.
  3. Mudwhale

    New D2 Update? But its too hot pan the east coast to detect

    Go to Control panel. Go to Device Manager. Go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers. It will tell you what you have.
  4. Mudwhale

    New D2 Update? But its too hot pan the east coast to detect

    I posted before, it is critical that you are plugging into a USB 2.0 (Black) and preferably USB 3 (Blue) when running the XP update. XP uses the latest communication protocols as far as USB is concerned. If the software is running and nothing is happening, it's not seeing your device.
  5. Mudwhale

    New D2 Update? But its too hot pan the east coast to detect

    I think I need Transmission fluid because I keep making typing misteaks laytlee.
  6. Mudwhale

    Deus 1 pairing problems

    With the Deus II you have to update everything. I don't know about the regular Deus but likely the same thing. Keep us posted.
  7. Mudwhale

    New D2 Update? But its too hot pan the east coast to detect

    Like Gary from the "Metal Detecting Skill School " stated in his video, the update is geared to the Extreme Hunter. I am sticking with 1.1 because there is no advantage for me to update.
  8. Mudwhale

    Six Hour Beach Hunt on the Texas Gulf Coast!

    Sure my Deus II is state of the art and the best thing since sliced bread but, I've found my best finds of all time with the AT series machines. They are classic and not going anywhere soon.
  9. Mudwhale

    Question about the AT-MAX wireless headphones.

    Stan My detector quits before my headphones every time. I have found wired headphones sucked power from the detector quiker because it has to power the speakers electrically from it's own battery. Wireless is just a signal.
  10. Mudwhale

    I Have a Question For AT Pro Users

    I would look into the flat rectangle shaped magnifiers that are used for reading. You could tape one to the housing. OR, get readers just for detecting.
  11. Mudwhale

    Windows is saying USB device not recognised

    The message is because the PC itself doesn't recognize it as a storage device which it is NOT. Ignore the message and update the remote and WS6. Make sure your usb port is colored blue also. XP software is setup for the faster speed.
  12. Mudwhale

    So much for new update

    FWI, make sure your usb port is colored blue or teal. Blue = 3.0 and teal = 3.1. XP software is geared for the fast usb ports. If the port is not fast enough it will puke.
  13. Mudwhale

    Headphones won't work after update to v1.00

    The update software worked fine for me. ZERO issues. Read back a few posts about the "PICNIC" comment. Me thinks it's a Chair problem not a software problem...
  14. Mudwhale

    Coil charging clip

    I have had ZERO issues with my clip. Mine snaps and locks right on. FYI
  15. Mudwhale

    Adjusting audio

    All of them can be changed but you have to save the program if you want it to stay.
  16. Mudwhale

    Charging WS6

    Just go for it and you'll be one and done with the intended setup. Happy Hunting! 👍
  17. Mudwhale

    Charging WS6

    Sounds like you have a bad leg on the three wire set. I would have XP replace it if it's new/under warranty. Sorry you are having this issue. :(
  18. Mudwhale

    Charging WS6

    Just trying to help. The three way cord has 3 completely different connectors that are not interchangeable to charge ANYTHING but the component they connect to. CLAMP = COIL THREADED CONNECTOR=REMOTE MINI USB=WS6 PUCK I am charging all 3 right now without issue. Sometimes it takes a few minutes...
  19. Mudwhale

    this guy went to a lot of trouble on his XP2 field book

    Yes he did put a lot of time in it. Thanks for the post!