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Search results

  1. P

    battery box for double AA batteries

    Is it for the DFX? If it is I am very much interested! Pap
  2. P

    battery box for double AA batteries

    how do I reach them?
  3. P

    battery box for double AA batteries

    I need a box for my DFX detector. Anyone have one for sale? Pap
  4. P

    Troy metal detectors .

    They were indeed great detectors if you understood them. I remember a hunt in Virginia where a good friend hunted one area and dug so many good targets that some others said was empty, they were shocked. I had the X5 and would put it up against any other detector out at that time. It had really...
  5. P


    God Bless Monte! I read your post several times, you've had a hard go of it. I always thought that your posts contained the truth, that you shared so much honest information. Your knowledge was so very extensive. I saved a number of your responses. I may be done with this hobby. If I am it has...
  6. P


    I no longer go out with a detector as my physical condition prevents me from doing so. I loved my Tesoro detectors, a joy to use. I sold one already the Golden and the Eldorado is next. Nothing here to read. Monte, I always enjoyed you insightful posts! How I miss those days! Pap
  7. P

    Tesoro Parts,,,

    Glad to hear it. Pap
  8. P

    I guess I just have a soft spot for Tesoro and always will

    Hey bud! Glad they, my thoughts, may have been of some value to someone. I'm 82 yrs old now, have had two operations in the last year and haven't been detecting in about two years. Actually it may be three years I think. I haven't sold my Tesoros. Just can't do it. I keep hoping I'm going to get...
  9. P

    I guess I just have a soft spot for Tesoro and always will

    Wonderful machine! One morning in a park I hunted frequently with another brand I found 17 or 18 quarters with the Eldorado. I don't know why there were so many but I didn't mind. I still have the Eldorado that I purchased new. I need to sell it but I have difficulty letting it go. I know you'll...
  10. P

    I guess I just have a soft spot for Tesoro and always will

    Indeed, loved Tesoro, always will! Golden and Eldorado, still here I guess until I pass. Am 82 yrs. old, many really sweet memories with Tesoro. Probably the best company in detecting! So sad they are gone but my appreciation for what they were! Pap
  11. P

    Well life rolls on

    Well, I'm 81 and after two operations since Nov.2019, I don't know if I'll get back to detecting again. Still have my Eldorado though. Always loved that unit. Pap
  12. P

    X-5 question

    Does anyone know who does repair work on the X-5 any longer? Pap
  13. P

    Question on the F70 GB

    Is the F70 manual or fixed GB? Thanks! Pap
  14. P

    Tin Foil

    You are correct! With the discrimination set at minimum and the threshold cranked up the Golden has really good depth! The only thing the tones aren't correct on deep targets such as dimes and quarters. I am guessing that is the nature of the beast as the unit has just returned from Tesoro...
  15. P

    Golden arrived home...

    well the uMax is back home now all I need to do is get reacquainted with it. Arrived right after I returned home fro a hunt. Thank you Tesoro! Pap
  16. P

    just an update

    The new Whites detector is being used at a CW hunt in Virginia and, from a telephone call I received a few minutes ago, it may interest you to know that on this CW site it has been producing very, very well. I was told that the individual using it was following other detectors (all makes) and...
  17. P

    Tesoro website

    did anyone try and use the Tesoro web page to check something? What I'm getting is strange. I wanted to send my Golden uMax in for recalibration and to be checked over and there is no information on the address or, for that matter anything. Pap
  18. P

    120 Ed

    using Monte's determination of 120 ED can you read a four inch nail at minimum discrimination? Pap
  19. P

    Golden arrived

    Now the fun begins; I need to figure this one out cause it isn't quite like the others that I used. But it will need to warm up first. Man it is cold! I did check the GB (Fixed) in my yard & it has just a slight rise in tone which is what I was looking for. And, by the way did anyone see the...