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    Teknetics S/T

    Teknetics S/T. Those that are familiar with the S/T, how would you say the performance of the S/T compares with the best detectors of today? I'm curious as I owned and sold these way back in the 80's. Thanks Frank
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    Civil War trench on my property?

    Hello all, I've been out of metal detecting for a long time. I had been a metal detector engineer at one time. I may have a picket post Civil War trench on my property but I may be confusing it with a perk test? The trench is about 20 feet long, couple of feet deep. Another one is 10 feet...
  3. F

    ATX tones motion mode?

    No ATX yet but coming. Question about tones: I understand iron gives a lo/hi tone, small gold gives a hi/low tone. One question is about gold rings. So a certain size small gold ring will give a hi/low tone. So at some point as the ring size gets larger it will go to a lo/hi tone? Also what...
  4. F

    ATX and relics??

    Any reports from the field on the ATX for Civil War relics in bad ground? Also with discrimination set on one, do you reject small iron? Do you still get most CW relics when you are set on discriminate at one? The ATX is looking good and I'm interested in one. HH Frank
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    Electronic Geochemical Exploration and Survey

    I thought you guys may find this equipment interesting. Geochemical Exploration and Survey In all stages of the geochemical and mineral exploration process, you make decisions based upon site conditions, judgment and experience. Meanwhile, quickly obtaining accurate exploration assay data to...
  6. F

    Just curious, is this the Pulse Devil patent? The discrimination technique looks very interesting. HH Frank
  7. F

    I think the V3's color display is great..would like

    see the same color display incorporated into a future model of the Whites TDI. I realize that the TDI can be considered a professional unit and no display is needed, but the V3 can be considered a professional unit as well and it has the beautiful color display. Wouldn't it be cool to have the...
  8. F

    Sarah5150, question

    Thanks for the replys Sarah and BHNugget. Looks like modern aluminum cans have 1% magnesium for strength. Not sure about pulltabs from the 70's. Frank
  9. F

    Sarah5150, question

    Hi Sarah, I enjoy your posts on the FBS V3 forum. I really liked the informative post where you showed the photos of the analysis screen while detecting rings and pulltabs. Do you have any idea why the pulltab came out with that slant to the left? Maybe someone else may have an idea? I would...
  10. F

    Nemesis status? Anyone know? Here are some pictures

    from another forum dated March 2008: Sure looks like a nice unit. HH Frank
  11. F

    Anyone have any experience with the Lorenz LDX3?

    Its expensive and pretty sophisticated. Unit has LCD dispaly, dual ground balance, etc.s Here is an exerpt from the Lorenz website: "The Pulse GBS (Pulse Ground Balancing System) is suitable for searching at depth and specially designed electronics cancel out signals from the ground. The LORENZ...
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    CW pecussion cap at 8" bad grd! RE" Whites new TDI

    Frm the Friends & Finds Forum: Welcome, FrankMD (Log Out) Control Center Private Messages I'm on my way home from Virginia ..... Posted by: Ed SW Fla [ Send a PM ] Date: April 01, 2008 04:25AM Registered: 2 years ago Posts: 5,117 .... will get back to SW Fla early this afternoon. As soon as...
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    Wow, from another forun. RE: Whites new TDI

    The Friends & Finds Forum Welcome, FrankMD (Log Out) Control Center Private Messages I'm on my way home from Virginia ..... Posted by: Ed SW Fla [ Send a PM ] Date: April 01, 2008 04:25AM Registered: 2 years ago Posts: 5,117 .... will get back to SW Fla early this afternoon. As soon as I...
  14. F

    Mr. Bill! Are you going to do a report on the F75?

    or are you snowed under? Frank
  15. F

    F75 question? Salt water gound balance? Also

    also will the F75 have continuos ground mineral tracking, or true auto ground balance? Sorry if this was already mentioned but I can't remeber if it had been mentioned.
  16. F

    Would this be useful info for ring hunters?
  17. F

    Maybe an interesting test for T2 owners..........

    When you are out detecting and your T2 is set-up how you would usually have it set-up for the area you are hunting, and you get a good hit, see how much you can reduce the sensitivity and still get a good hit. Document the target recovered, the depth and the sensitivity setting after you reduced...
  18. F

    Virginia Civil War relic hunters, question:

    Anyone familiar with the the CW relic site off of Spotsylvania road (near the ruins of Spotsylvania furnace.) There are trenchs down the the Rappahannock River. I did a lot of hunting there about 25 years ago. I drove by there yesterday and see No Trespassing signs about every 30 feet for...
  19. F

    New T2:

    Looka fantastic. F75 or whtever.,405933,405933#msg-405933
  20. F

    Is Fisher moving their operation to Texas?

    I just wondering if Fisher is staying in CA or moving to the First Texas location.