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  1. F

    Video and why the V3i is so good

    I'd send the F75 in if it wasn't making a peep. The thinnest gold chain I have without the clasp and not balled up I can detect a repeatable (sound and VDI) signal a few inches from the stock coil and the 5 inch coil is even better on chains. If I'm going for small jewelry I'm taking the F75...
  2. F

    headphones v3i

    I actually just posted in modification section about some wireless headphones I used to use for gaming. I gave myself the freedom to choose whatever type of headphones to match the weather obviously right now I'll use the in ear headphones. I made it from Turtle beach x32.
  3. F

    Wireless Headphone Mod

    I would occasionally use these while metal detecting, but... 1. I hate the microphone sticking out. 2. I would rather use what ever headphones I choose (especially this time of year when it's so hot). [attachment 317030 turtle.jpg] I decided to do some surgery. (I have some other headphones I...
  4. F

    V3i Video

    Nevermind I found it.
  5. F

    V3i Video

    Can you say the YouTube Users name? Or the title of the video?
  6. F

    Video of F75 LTD2 vs LTD All Metal

    Another video this time in AM.
  7. F

    Video of the F75 LTD vs LTD2 Disc. Mode

    Today I did a short test of the two head to head on the same targets in the ground (they've been there for almost a year). I might do an AM test to see if there is any difference because I'm seeing some talking about loss of depth in AM for the LTD2.
  8. F

    A little much?

    Since it was too cold to detect I thought I would make my own VDI/PP/Sizing "Playing cards" haha I got the idea from Tom Slick (when comparing the frequencies with the BF) and thought to take it a step further than just VDI (this is with Best Data). I've been keeping trash so I could do this and...
  9. F

    F75 LTD2 FA and V3i Iron Test I think I'm going to like these two machines, looks like they compliment each other very well. You may notice in FA the machine is very chatty (you lose the EMI reduction and gain reaction time). I had both machines around the same...
  10. F

    First outing with V3i

    I went out yesterday to the park to learn the V3i (just digging all kinds of signals to help learn the machine). Didn't even have to dig this bad boy. 10K coming in at 11.4 grams. Trying to find the owner now. I've only used this machine for about two hours so far I'm thinking I will enjoy this...
  11. F

    New to the V3i

    Thanks undrpar! I've watched a lot of videos over the past 2 months and I feel like I've already played with one a little bit have much to learn.
  12. F

    New to the V3i

    Got my V3i today. Can't wait to give it some good use. I'll keep my eyes open for good advice. Been reading for some time now. HH. -Paul
  13. F

    Whites Battery.. anyone used these?

    Yeah I should have searched/open my eyes.
  14. F

    Whites Battery.. anyone used these?

    RnB Innovations HP-3100 Lithium-ion 12v Battery for Whites Metal Detectors.
  15. F

    GPS for retracing path

    Here's my test using the Garmin Glo. 1st picture is just a simple test. 2-3 are me mowing with it (to get a sense of its gridding capabilities). and the last is a comparison with my phones internal GPS vs the Glo (in the first picture). I think it works pretty well. In the mowing picture the...