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    Thank you for your answers, I followed your advice and I bought the 540 pro pack. First impressions, light, very easy to use and the multi IQ is a joy to detect next to pylons and electric fences. You have to get used to the sounds because they are not the same as my x-terra. Is there a forum...
  2. P


    This is my dilemma, simplex + or vanquish 540, I would like to know the opinion of those who have tested both and their opinion is very important especially for the depth. The difference for or against I know (waterproofing, multi iq, etc. ...) what matters to me is the depth because my...
  3. P

    Treasure Hunter's Software

    hello, no subtitles on your youtube channel?
  4. P

    15' coil 18,5 KHz

    Hello Does anyone have a return to the 15 '(18.5KHz) disc for xterra? A colleague willing to lend it to me but is it worth it because I have an 25x33cm do we gain deep in a unpolluted terrain with a lot of things found with the 11 '
  5. P

    new armrest

    For users of the minelab xterra, here is a good investment (we will see on time) a metal armrest. Bought on Eba .. This was my 4th plastic armrest! fed up with this bad quality that did not stand up to the big coiltek disk [attachment 366090 arm.jpg] [attachment 366091 armo.jpg]
  6. P

    only for the pleasure

    So you can find me, i live near by, the coin is a liard de france, 17 cm deep found withe the 9" 3 KHz [attachment 353371 20171231_1112561b.jpg]
  7. P

    question about 3KHz

    In January I may buy a disk frequency 3 KHz for my 705, is it really worth knowing that I own the 7.5 coiltek (WOT)? Advice needed knowing that I do not want a large disk because too tiring and it weakens the armrest.
  8. P

    armrest 705

    Tired of the minelab armrest, to fragile! this is my third one and i'm very careful with it. Any solution for a stronger one? [attachment 341765 kitminelab.jpg]
  9. P

    bishop stiirup ring

    , this weekend i find this little beautifull gold ring. It is a stiirup ring from the 12 to 14th century. No precious stone anymore. ID on the xterra 14 to 16 in the ground. [attachment 340745 Photo0027.jpg] [attachment 340746 bagortrouv28012016.jpg] [attachment 340747 bagortrouvv28012016.jpg]
  10. P


    [attachment 339434 deniercesarf27122016.jpg][attachment 339435 deniercesarp27122016.jpg]find this morning, this beautifull denarius from Gaius Julius Caesar! It was on the side and the sound was medium but thanks to the xterra! silver, 18mm for 3,87gr Julius Caesar, 100-44 BC. Silver denarius...
  11. P

    Again silver

    [attachment 337928 napo11frf12112016.jpg][attachment 337929 napo11frp12112016.jpg][attachment 337930 napo3f12112016.jpg][attachment 337931 napo3p12112016.jpg]Sunday just 200m from my house i find those two silver coins, i'm happy. The two guys with the DEUS didn't get those ones :)
  12. P

    roman denarius

    [attachment 337926 lucretiusf12112016.jpg][attachment 337927 lucretiusp12112016.jpg]Very nice finds this friday, strong sound and id at 40, this magnificent roman denarius from Lucretius (136BC) in a corn field. What a machine the xterra!
  13. P

    great little find

    I find it last sunday, this is a little (2cm) medieval ring brooche in silver. thanks the 705!
  14. P

    great find!

    For the second time in my life, i find a medieval seal. Medium sound (18), near a old dust road. I don't know yet the identification but he is from the 14th century. Super happy about it, here is some pictures for sharing with you. I was using the small 18,75KHz coil. I order some wax to...
  15. P

    Roman denarii

    Hello, i'm back with a very good find, not great in apearence but it is a little dream. I found in a field, a silver denarri from jULIUS CESAR, it was made for is 52 birthday aftr the battle of Pharsale. On the back you can see the gallic shield and the carnix(trompet) and at the the feet, two...
  16. P

    roman coin

    Unbelievable, a guy invite me in a complete different region on a field near is place and we sweep the area and we find a few coins like double tournoi and liard de france but not realy identifiable. I propose to do the little dirt road near the field and bingo with a tid of 32. A roman denarii...
  17. P

    Gallic coin

    [attachment 309436 gauloisep15mars2014.jpg][attachment 309435 gauloisef15mars2014.jpg] This sunday i made a magnificent discovery, a gallic coin from the first century before christus. 13 mm for 1,15gr, in silver (id 32 on the xterra) LEMOVICE tribe. Again i almost cry like a baby :crazy:
  18. P

    A 1100 years old coin!

    [attachment 306175 oboleeudesp.jpg][attachment 306174 oboleeudesf.jpg] I find that old silver coin with the coiltek 15' with7,5Khz on my 705. Id 34 at 20 cm depth. This is my best find until now. I want you to enjoy to This is a : Obole d'Eudes (887-898) D/ + ODO REX E : O cruciforme R/...
  19. P

    silver seal

    [attachment 302616 argentbouton08112014bis.jpg][attachment 302617 argentboutona08112014bis.jpg][attachment 302618 sceaunapo.jpg] Fund this Saturday, a "seal-knob" of the first empire (Napoleon 1er). Very rare! Enjoy. He was in a alley of little bushes in a cows field, where? in a remote village...