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    Gold nuggets with Anfibio Multi?

    Anyone tried yet what's the smallest piece of gold that Multi can find? How about gold chains? I'm trying to decide on my next machine and Multi got my attention, but I want a machine that can do coins, rings and tiny bits of gold.
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    ATP headphone jack cap

    I got a used ATP. It looks like the screw-on cap for the headphone jack does not have any oring nor a gasket that would make it watertight. Is it normal or, am I'm missing something. Also; on the face of the cap there is a raised dimple with a hole. Is it for attaching the cap to some sort of a...
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    What hides behind box cornered by 3-11 7-20 FECO ?

    Virtually any discrimination pattern, including factory presets, filters out the box cornered by 3-11 7-20 FECO. Why? I mean; what kind of trash hides behind these values? Pull tabs and such that I hit on, generally hit higher FE numbers - are below that box on the screen so, that's not it. What...
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    How to set up CTX for a relic hunt?

    I have a chance to hunt a backyard in Niagara On The Lake. Owners are going to be putting in an in-ground pool. The owners figure that their property have seen some serious activity in 1813 and would like a chance to preserve some artifacts before they are destroyed by a backhoe. My only...
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    Hard case for CTX

    Since I got the CTX, I wanted a good case for it. The soft case that I got for it was to tight around the control box and I was afraid that it would do more to damage than protect the unit so I put that for sale. Minelab just released a soft bag designed for CTX but, soft case is not for me...
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    Clean silver coin signal ?

    I wonder, when there is no junk beside, when using target trace, do you usually get a clean silver (coin) signal or do you usually get some extra splatter on the screen?
  7. A

    My first, real hunt with CTX

    Today, thanks to unseasonably warm weather, for the first time, I took the CTX for a real hunt. Just over an hour short hunt but, steel, a real one - for the first time, I was swinging CTX to find stuff. I'd say that I'm happy. I'm convinced that with my old detector, I would be hung up on iron...
  8. A

    How fast do you swing?

    How fast do you swing your CTX with standard coil. I keep hearing that slower is better but, how slow is good? How fast is the most efficient to reasonably well cover the ground? I've seen some advising 4 seconds swing but, is it 4 seconds each way or one way? Asking because (in videos) I've...
  9. A

    How often do you turn off / on your detector?

    On an average day out hunting, how many times do you turn off / on your detector? Do you turn it off for a smoke / coffee break or to give your arm a little rest or to have a chat with somebody? Does it happen to you to turn it off accidentally by pressing wrong button?
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    How often do you turn off your detector.

    On an average day out hunting, how many times do you turn off / on your detector? Do you turn it off for a smoke / coffee break or to give your arm a little rest or to have a chat with somebody? Does it happen to you to turn it off accidentally by pressing wrong button? I'm asking because; I'm...
  11. A

    TRouble with copying a mode from XChange to CTX

    I made a new mode and pattern in CTX, Copied it (no problems) to XChange to edit it further and create another mode with a very similar pattern set except for the pull tab range. I need two modes because in each one, I want the second pattern to be wide open. Anyway; I tried to copy the first...
  12. A

    Packing for air travel

    What is the minimum size CTX can be broken to for travel - will it fit into typical airline carry on sizes?
  13. A

    CTX3030 vs AT Pro

    I'm itching to upgrade my EuroAce. My next machine must be good for land and (shallow water). I want it to be usable in salt water and highly mineralized soil. Good for bling, silver and modern Canadian coins and help me discriminate out the junk nails and bottle-caps and hopefully even pull...
  14. A

    XChange import / export

    I keep dreaming of CTX so, in my quest to research and learn about it; I installed and registered XChange but, I'm not sure if it installed properly. On the left I have "ALL" and "RECYCLE" and under it there is a sample collection. Now, I watched a video on sharing the CTX files...
  15. A

    AT Gold vs ATP Whats the difference for salt water use? ... chart.aspx shows the differences between the two. I wonder why they show there that ATP is OK for salt water use but AT Gold is not? I thought that a prerequisite for salt water use is ability to ground balance. What else is a must? Anybody...
  16. A

    EuroAce (350) and Canadian coins.

    Recently I set discrimination on my EuroAce (350). Just the lowest notch. I did it because bobby pins on the beach were driving me crazy. EuroAce has enhanced iron resolution that supposed to help hunting Canadian coins. I thought it worked fine - I still found pennies and an odd loonie or...
  17. A

    Bahamas with EuroAce (Ace 350)

    Just came back from Paradise Island. Spent few hours hunting the beach in front of Riu. No gold but, I'd say that on dry beach EuroAce performed very well. I found a fair bit of clad, plenty of junk and a nice 925 silver pendant with a red stone. It was good 8" down and maybe 4" aside from a...
  18. A

    Missing some basic info...

    I'm new to metal detecting as such. I get here loads of info as to how to do it but it's all missing some basic info. Info that (I guess) most of you takes as obvious. Hardly anything is obvious to somebody like me. I like to understand how the things work so, can anybody point me to a post or...
  19. A

    Scoops and magnets (?)

    Hunting nail infested lake beaches and shallow waters. Do you use magnets in your scoops? Benefits that you see and any drawbacks? What types, where do you place them and how do you attach them? I just put, using plastic tie wraps, 3 rare earth magnet rings in the back of my stainless steel...