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  1. D

    WSA II XL Won’t stay on my head

    I always wear a baseball hat when I detect. It keeps the glare out of my eyes and helps the WSA II XL 's on my head.
  2. D

    XP WSAII XL vs. backphones

    I definitely prefer the WSAII XL's because they sound good and block out ambient noise. My favorite feature though is that they are water proof to 1M, so rain hunts are worry free!
  3. D

    D2 Update Wish List

    If you could pick a change for the D2 on a new update, what would it be? Mine is to have the option to have a larger font for program names and more characters for same. My eyes aren't what they used to be!
  4. D

    Loving the Deus 2 on the Beach!

    If you order the D2 with the regular remote, the WS6 is included with back phone headphones. I think that package is about $1500. The WSAII-XL headphones are 200 bucks extra.
  5. D

    Loving the Deus 2 on the Beach!

    I am under the impression that the D2 Lite with the WS6 instead of the regular remote would be more than capable of doing what you need. I opted for the regular remote because it does have slightly more capabilities, it is fully waterproof (I don't dive, but often get my detector very wet with...
  6. D

    Loving the Deus 2 on the Beach!

    I am not an expert to be offering advice, just observations. I have been a Equinox 800 user for 2-3 years on the beach. Since switching to the D2, I have noticed a couple of advantages over the Nox: the first is the D2 will give you a faint but positive non-ferrous tone on deep targets where...
  7. D

    Loving the Deus 2 on the Beach!

    See my other recent post on this forum regarding 1st beach hunt. Settings work well on my beach.
  8. D

    Loving the Deus 2 on the Beach!

    Went out yesterday for a 3 hour hunt. Beach was sort of sanded in bit still managed to pluck these. 14k and emerald cross, 14k diamond earring and a sterling turquoise earring. Good bit of pull tabs, toasted zincolns and aluminum pieces as well.
  9. D

    First D2 Beach Hunt

    Beach Sensitive, Salt @ 7 or 8, Reactivity @1.5, Pitch tone, Disc@ 6.8, Silencer @ 1
  10. D

    2nd Day Deus Strikes Gold!

    Yep, I bought my Deus 2, XP pinpointer, new Stavr scoop, Steve's CF scoop handle and still had 400 bucks left over from cashing in gold/silver from last year alone found with the Nox 800.
  11. D

    2nd Day Deus Strikes Gold!

    I have the 11". Beach Sensitive, 1.5 Reactivity, Disc at 6.8, Audio Response at 6, Pitch Tones, Salt Sens at my beach at about 7 or 8.
  12. D

    2nd Day Deus Strikes Gold!

    Went out again this afternoon to the storm stripped beach and found a 14k men's wedding band. Picture shows all the stuff including a junker ring. The gold ring was about a foot down (pic). I am learning the D2 language and really starting to pick it up. Seems to give better info than the Nox.
  13. D

    First D2 Beach Hunt

    Just thought I would post the finds from my first hunt with the D2. Went to the beach during a storm. Definitely some heavies out there, but no gold yet. Going back this afternoon. Did find somebody's dental work. Hate they lost that! Wish I could return it. They probably spent as much on that...
  14. D

    D2 Lower Rod Help

    I am planning on replacing the lower rod for my D2 with a carbon fiber one. I just don't want the flex the stock rod has since I water hunt. Can someone verify that the Nokta Simplex/Legend carbon fiber lower rod will work/fit on the D2? Thanks!
  15. D

    CKG Titanium Sand Scoop?

    I decided to get the Stavr Evroexcavator. I wasn't getting a warm fuzzy about CKG or their titanium scoop. I have heard lots of good things about the Stavr and it seems to be light weight for a SS scoop. Already ordered one of Steve's Stavr scoop rods for it.
  16. D

    CKG Titanium Sand Scoop?

    I am wondering if anyone has some experience with the CKG titanium scoop? I am using a stainless Sito scoop currently and love it for durability and build quality, but it is heavy. I want to get a second scoop for my wife to use that is light weight and durable. This CKG looks pretty slick but...
  17. D

    Manticore vs Deus II

    Has anyone seen a video or any type article comparing the Manticore and the Deus II? I am really curious to see what the side by side comparison will show as I am going to buy the winner in my opinion as my next detector.
  18. D

    Minelab Manticore

    My plan is to cash in my gold and silver beach finds from this year and buy either the Deus II or the Manticore. I'll wait for the dust to settle with the comparisons and testing. Either way, I'm excited about getting a new machine! Personally, I hope the Manticore will be the winner. I do like...
  19. D

    Manticore Headphones?

    The 800 comes with ML 80 wireless headphones which are not water resistant. Minelab does not offer any wireless ones that are wr. The only water resistant ones I found were from Quest. Tried them and they were junk, didn't keep a good connection.