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Search results

  1. jeffc

    Been hitting "quarter field".

    I thought "Quarter Pounder" might be appropriate, but it may be taken. Nice haul! JC
  2. jeffc

    Got an A+in discouragement training this morning

    Beaver tails are a sign of good luck. In this case, you have lots of it. Keep at it...the gold, among other things, is there. HH. JC
  3. jeffc

    Share your Gold Coin find:

    Found this QEII $10 gold coin from 1971 about ten years ago. Complete with bezel and chain. Dry sand find up near the sea oats. This was part of what was the best week of detecting, ever. HH. JC
  4. jeffc

    Wiring diagram on a Excalibur coil.

    I think this has the information you need. Found it on another site. JC
  5. jeffc

    Equinox 900 Question

    Never mind. Read the manual and single frequencies are not available in Beach mode.
  6. jeffc

    Equinox 900 Question

    Should I be able to change which frequency is used in Beach mode? I am able to change it in all other modes except Beach 1 and 2. The frequency button will beep but remains on multi-freq. It's not a big deal, but just wanted to know. I have tried the mode reset and nothing changed. Thanks. JC
  7. jeffc

    Two Hunts This Week

    Back out for a couple of hours, tonight. Most of the cuts were gone with the exception of 50 yard stretch. Still finding some old drops. Also managed to find a bit of gold. Appears to be a portion of a grill, very crudely made.
  8. jeffc

    Two Hunts This Week

    Frenchy's seems to have a monopoly in Clearwater. The grouper there is decent. Just got back from a hunt here in Lake Worth. The cuts were over three feet in some places and the coins have been there a while. Lots of soft here, too. Work permitting, I'm going to try and get out there a few more...
  9. jeffc

    Clearwater Beach Hunts

    Was able to get out twice for a total of about three hours. Used the Impulse AQ as the beach is heavily detected. In the interest of time (and learning the tones), I dug everything. Did find one interesting pendant with turquoise stones. It rings up 12-03, 12-04 on the CTX. No markings...
  10. jeffc

    Two Hunts This Week

    Two hunts this week. About three hours all together. On the second evening, the cuts were nearly two feet. Lots of coins and a wave ring (cosmetic), and a lot of iron on the surface, but no shiny stuff...yet. Headed over to the Clearwater area this weekend and will work in some hunts, time...
  11. jeffc

    Clad and a Silver Ring

    Arrived in South FL this morning and worked most of the day. Was able to get out to two beaches for about two hours total. Decided to use the CTX this evening. The Impulse AQ will get its chance, tomorrow. Managed to find a little clad, a little junk, and a .925 ring with a stone. I need to...
  12. jeffc

    First Day with the Fisher Impulse AQ

    I wanted to mention that I have found two chains (hunts one and three). Both are junk, but it certainly is a positive aspect of the machine's ability.
  13. jeffc

    First Day with the Fisher Impulse AQ

    OBN Thanks for the posts. I took the Impulse out on Fri for a couple hours. About a dollar in clad, a toy car, junker chain, and a dozen or so iron targets. I was at the Cocoa Beach pier hunting the outgoing. Other than being in close proximity to the pier, the machine was very stable with a...
  14. jeffc

    I found hundreds of pounds in 6 months detecting 1 hour per day

    And the rest of us are blessed to find the hobby. Cheers JC
  15. jeffc

    I found hundreds of pounds in 6 months detecting 1 hour per day

    Nice haul! Brings up that old age argument: can you make a living metal detecting? HH JC
  16. jeffc

    First Day with the Fisher Impulse AQ

    Just the stock battery, yes. I contacted Fisher to see if they have any available and they do not. Advised me to contact KellyCo, but they aren't listed on their site. Thanks for the tip on the pulse delay. I did adjust it, but believe I reduced it. JC
  17. jeffc

    First Day with the Fisher Impulse AQ

    Thank you both for the replies. Just got back from a late-afternoon hunt. Note to self: charge the battery before heading out. For the hour I was able to use the AQ, I had some difficulty. Hunting the shoreline on the incoming tide, I experienced the swooshing sound every time I swung towards...
  18. jeffc

    Always ceases to amaze me what shows up on the beach !!! Post some of the weirdest things you've found !!!

    Found a dental partial, once. Gave me the Willie's when I pulled it out as the teeth were the first thing I saw. Thought there might be a body attached. Ran an ad on C/L for the longest time. The fact that some poor fellow or gal was missing some of their chompers made me sad... Found it with...