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Search results

  1. G

    Found: 10 Pounds of Coins

    Reported this week, in the news in Pakistan ... Cheers, Joe
  2. G

    Never seen an eagle button like this one...

    It would be good to get some context to the location where it was found. Was there ever a military camp around there? Battle?
  3. G

    Coin Hoard in Scotland

    In the news from Scotland ... It goes back to 1692. Cheers, Joe
  4. G


    Sending my deepest condolences and respect. Loving memories will carry us to each new day.
  5. G

    Notary Public

    Adding my vote: cleaned. Great find. Cheers.
  6. G

    Largest Find in Britain

    Here is a Roman coin hoard, found in Britain. It was detected a couple of years ago, but it's still amazing. Nothing like it has been found since then. It has been called the "largest find in Britain". Makes you wonder what else...
  7. G

    Short morning beach hunt.

    Some guys drop pull tabs, some guys drop bullet casings. Let's hope it's not the same guy walking around with a beer and a .32.
  8. G

    Finds in Wales

    Some new finds in Wales, Great Britain: There must be a lot more in the ground, that people lost over the centuries. It looks like folks carried their gold in their pockets. Cheers, Joe
  9. G

    Old friend coming back

    My GTI2500 is an older unit, which means it doesn't have a lady who talks to you. It does perfectly well in finding good targets, plenty deep, showing the difference between treasure and trash. We can swing together anytime. Then I get home and talk to the wife. Can't complain. Cheers.
  10. G

    It paid off

    Makes you wonder . . . Why would a guy lose a padlock? Why was he walking around with a padlock? What was he going to do with it? Did he need a padlock to lock up something valuable (to keep the "bad guys" out)?
  11. G

    Fisher CZ's still the King

    I just keep my scoop in my left pants pocket, and the pinpointer in a small holster on my belt. The detector is in the right hand, and the left hand is free and helps with kneeling down. Seems to work OK for me. Cheers.
  12. G

    Fisher CZ's still the King

    Just a note ... I still have my Fisher CZ-7a Pro, and love detecting with it. Some folks could call it "heavy", or "old", or something like that. Doesn't matter. To me, it's plenty light enough, balanced and easy to swing, and accurate. I have another more "modern" detector (no names...
  13. G

    Gold Coins in a Cow Bone

    Why would they stuff gold coins into an old hollowed-out bone, and bury it?
  14. G

    Gold Coins in a Cow Bone

    Here's a discovery in England ... Cheers, Joe
  15. G

    My luck is still holding out.

    Great finds! Any idea how a 1789 Real could wind up in south Georgia? What kind of history could bring it there?
  16. G

    No Finds today but still looking !

    GA1dad wrote: "It's pretty amazing what's laying on top of the ground sometimes." That's true. Two examples "on the top of the ground" . . . (1) A couple of years ago, in a grassy area, I got a signal with the detector. I started digging a plug and poking it with my pinpointer. Found a...
  17. G

    Medieval Ring in England

    Just found near Dorset, England ... Cheers, Joe
  18. G

    Gold in Denmark

    In the news: "A chance discovery is shedding new light on early Norse history, after two old school-friends, armed only with a metal detector, stumbled across a gold treasure trove." Even after 1,500 years, there's plenty...
  19. G

    Surface Find -- No Detector Needed

    I parked the car. My wife and I were walking across the parking lot into the local market. Looking at the ground, I spotted a $100 bill. It was folded in half. I gave it to my wife. She took it to the store's manager and asked him if anyone had reported losing some money in the parking...
  20. G

    Beginner's Luck

    In the news ... Quoting the newspaper story --- the guy found them "on his first outing with a metal-detector – only seven steps from his car." Park car. Get out of car. Turn on...