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Search results

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    My first day with the 11 x 13.

    11x13 is an excellent coil. I have all 3 but use this most of the time. Great coverage, depth, and separation. Nice score on the barber!
  2. S

    Deus 2 around EMI

    Yes, this works. Single frequency and adjust sens until its stable, usually sens 92 or 93 works for me. I have a few sites with bad emi but I can get the D2 to run pretty quiet at these sites.
  3. S

    Deus II 13x11 coil shaft

    Correct, its carbon infused but doesn't have that carbon fiber "look". By the way, the 13x11 coil is AWESOME!
  4. S

    Scary...but I survived

    Glad you pulled it off!
  5. S

    Revolutionary war scabbard!

    Congrats! That is an awesome find!
  6. S

    Silver Pendant

    Nice find. Silver is always welcome!
  7. S

    First seated with the Manticore

    Great seated! Nice relics there, love the crotal bell too. Looks like the Manit is working for ya!
  8. S

    D2 in EMI

    Here's an update on the D2 9" coil at the spots with underground EMI and a lot of iron I've been hunting. I was not able to run any of the multi-frequency programs. No matter what I tried the machine went completely bonkers. Frequency scan didn't help at all. But it ran great in single...
  9. S

    Oldie but goodie

    Great finds! Looks like a great spot.
  10. S

    Coin Sandwich

    Agreed. V nickel. Nice finds!
  11. S

    Weekend finds

    Great hunt! Looks like a nice old place. I'm sure there's a lot more good stuff there.
  12. S

    Another good day a large cent an a 925 ring

    Nice! Copper and silver look great together!
  13. S

    1-16-23 Hunt

    You don't see machete's being posted too often! Congrats on the wheat cent.
  14. S

    Trifecta makes cents

    Congrats on the trifecta and the Flying Eagle...those don't show up too often!
  15. S

    Summary of 2022 Finds

  16. S

    ML sues everyone who is a competitor it seems. Consumer scare tactics to boost sales ?

    Patent litigation is fairly common nowadays and patent owners like to protect their rights. Even if the patent doesnt have a leg to stand on, the lawsuit could delay a competitors product getting to market if the claim is strong enough. Or it could get the defendant to settle where the patent...
  17. S

    Today's been a good day hunting

    I hope its real! Cha-ching if it is!
  18. S

    Silver #2 for 2023

    Always good to see kids aways beat me to the CoinStar machines...they love pulling out the occasional silver or foreign coin.
  19. S

    Found roll hunting

    Thats better run out and get a mega billions lotto ticket! You got some great luck! Nice find.