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Search results

  1. C

    First Equinox Gold of 2024

    Gold with bonus ice! Hard to beat that. Welcome aboard. Dan
  2. C

    1920’s permission yields a few cool finds.

    y’all didn’t tell me I posted the same wheat penny twice. Here is the 1926 wheat. I’m going back over there today. I’m still trying to find some silver.
  3. C

    1920’s permission yields a few cool finds.

    sorry T-DUB, here’s the rest.. Thanks for looking everyone!
  4. C

    1920’s permission yields a few cool finds.

    Sorry, the file was too large..
  5. C

    1920’s permission yields a few cool finds.

    My neighbor is on the board of a one block sanctuary across the street from me. I finally got around to asking if I could gently hunt on it. Below is 2 1920’s wheats, 1 Zippo lighter “Clover leaf Dairy Products “ Selma, Ala. 3 metal buttons. My favorite is the large copper coat button with the...
  6. C

    Confederate & Union Civil War Relics With Seated & Barber Silver Sprinkled In

    Beautiful finds! I hope 2024 brings you even more. Dan
  7. C

    Storm of the century hits I found a very unusual sterling Indian head ring!

    Hi Mark, in photo # 3 how much sand do you think was removed by the storm ? second question, was all that concrete buried under sand? If so, that was a hell of a storm indeed…
  8. C

    A days finds in RI after the storm 113 coins friends total!

    Wow, your buddy had a great day. Is it wrong to hope for a bad storm? Maybe, but I wouldn’t mind a medium one to tear the beach up a little! Dan
  9. C

    First hunt of 2024, first firearm!

    G- Hound, great finds. The little pistol looks like a 22–25 caliber pistol. I always wonder about the iron signals. I might start digging more of them.
  10. C

    Storm leads to small GOLD on beach too!

    Good going on the gold! Whether you have frozen ground or a thoroughly hunted beach this time of year, seems to be a lot of work to get the good stuff. Congrats. Dan
  11. C

    GoTerrain App

    I’ve been experimenting with Go Terrain. It seems to help to systematically hunt an area without having to use landmarks, etc. The beach has markers every 10th of a mile that are numbered Which I was using to get an idea on where I’ve hunted. The app makes it easier for me rather than trying to...
  12. C

    Last hunt of the year./First hunt of the year.

    Nice going, Congrats. Thanks for sharing!
  13. C

    Few Holiday Hunts - Minnesota State Seal Medal / Early Hamms Bottle Opener / Silver, Vs, Buffalos & Indians

    Wow, those are some exceptional finds. What a great hunt! Congrats, Dan
  14. C

    18k Opal big wooop wooop

    Nice find, Way to dig that questionable target. Dan
  15. C

    Tiny silver buckle

    Absolutely beautiful, totally cool with a ton of history!
  16. C

    Nice surprise find.

    Very cool, I REALLY need to find an old site to hunt…
  17. C

    Four rings just under the grass.

    Wow! Maybe she removed them to keep them safe then forgot? Oops! Way to go. Dan
  18. C

    Silver ring in park

    Hi Ron, it’s not super heavy but it’s a nice chunk. It kinda keeps the roll going with five precious metal rings in four weeks. For me that’s a pretty good roll. Thanks everyone Dan
  19. C

    Silver ring in park

    I mainly hunt the beach, but the tide was getting high today and decided to hit a park in a neighboring town. Set the D2 to park and started swinging. For whatever reason the target IDs are a little higher inland for example, a clad quarter at the beach is most of the time 90-92 At this park it...
  20. C

    Finally struck gold!

    Perfect, great job! Dan