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Search results

  1. BobOso

    Here's My Spending Money From My Gold I Sent In To ARA GOLD

    Nice going John, you just paid for a nice trip.
  2. BobOso

    Almost Lost the Mi 6 pin-pointer

    Lost mine with the D1 also, problem is the MI6 needs to be on in order to find it. Took an hour of back tracking and I was lucky enough to find it.Now every pinpointer is on al lanyard, even my screwdriver, lost a few of those also
  3. BobOso

    Be careful using discrimination especially on the beach my video With Manticore

    If the nickle was deep I'm sure it would not be seen at all.I only use the discrimination in 2 parks, otherwise none and only use VDI and tones.I also do not rely on the center line for good finds, I have found some of appears as a blob either just above or below the center line, a coin spill is...
  4. BobOso

    Manticore current software version

    Minelab only shows version 6.20.0-3.7.1
  5. BobOso

    My Manticore tone chart

    Had an Indian head ring up at 25. being partially deaf and unable to hear low tones, I put my nickle range higher than the pennies. Thinks are working better now.
  6. BobOso

    Manticore update?

    it is the first update, when I tried on mine it said I already had the latest update.
  7. BobOso

    Old Map overlay ?? Help
  8. BobOso

    18k Opal big wooop wooop

    double wooop wooop
  9. BobOso

    Music lovers thread - Post current listening interests. favorites, share share share

    How about a little old and a bit of today MELANIE & MILEY CYRUS
  10. BobOso

    As Ron stated the App called parceled, or an app called acres, both are FREE
  11. BobOso

    Manticore and Deus 2 unmasking with elliptical coil.

    I was at an old homestead earlier this week, has been swinging for about 2 hours, rand into a section with lots of nails, then looking at the ground was a penny, close but not on any nails.The Manticore did not see the penny which was on the surface, reminds me of the garrett Apex I bought a few...
  12. BobOso

    Unknown piece?

    Now that you said that, my grandmother had something similar, on her wood cooking stove
  13. BobOso

    Will AI lead to a Deus 3?

    I'm 70, no more detectors for me, time to lighten the load, thinking about my PI machine next.
  14. BobOso

    Bigger treasure skiff time!

    now your talking., Love it.
  15. BobOso

    Unknown piece?

    some sort of wrench perhaps
  16. BobOso

    Detectorpro Detecting pal

    same here, I do not connect it to my machine as it always get in the way, but I hold it with my thumb,and it works great. also use the minelab harness with my gpx.
  17. BobOso

    Manticore Depth Test Result - Not too impressed

    I cannot vouch for any depth, where I live you did great if you dig a hole 6 inches. even to get 6 inches in might take 20 min. because of the hard ground. I only want depth when I prospect, and have spent close to an hour digging a 24 inch hole, using my 4500. but while using the manticore, I...