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    Old house site finds today...

    Felix...I found a nice barrel spout at an old home site with my 600. I thought it was a tree tapper. I donated it to a small town historical center and they were happy to have it!
  2. T

    1909 Penny and 2 Indian Head Pennys

    Cool finds! I have yet to make my first hunt of the year!
  3. T

    First Equinox Gold of 2024

    Nice ring! I have an Equinox 600 and bought a new 900. The 900 has a few more bells and whistles plus a new machine warranty. I have hunted private property with the 900 that I have hunted with the 600 and the 900 has not found very many coins that the 600 left behind!
  4. T

    Built a probe for my Manticore

    What a great idea Charles!
  5. T

    I am torn,,,, your thoughts?

    I have one on my 600. I have used it around trees and found a few coins I wouldn't have gotten with the 11" coil. Most of my hunting is large open areas but some are drying up. Might spend some time with the 6" coil later in the season.
  6. T

    I finally broke into the 1700's today....

    I meant 1793...:unsure:
  7. T

    I finally broke into the 1700's today....

    Nice job Felix! The only 1700s coin I found here in Iowa is a flowing hair large cent! 193-1796...It's pretty rough..
  8. T

    Manticore update?

    No I did not Jimmy! The last time I contacted Minelab it was like talking to a wall. I can't imagine their customer service has improved any.
  9. T

    Manticore update?

    Good luck guys! I wish the 900 would have an update to fix the jumpy target id numbers...
  10. T

    Manticore update?
  11. T

    Manticore update?

    Got an e-mail from Minelab and I thought I saw an update for the Manticore. You fellas that own one should look into it. Then again I just got done with the snowblower and may be snowblind...:cool:
  12. T

    Summary of 2023 Finds

    I would like a list of places that Dave has hunted...Just to make sure I don't stop there!! :rofl:
  13. T

    Equinox 800 noisy

    I have a 6" coil on my 600. I have used it a couple of times around trees and it works well. As far as emi noise have you tried switching to field 2? I use that a lot working next to power lines..
  14. T

    Prices going up

    I think it will help other companies too. It's like Minelab wants a bigger profit margin and to hell with the customers and customer service! Correct me if I am wrong but I don't thing they offered any updates for the new 900/700 Equinox machines. Knowing what I know now I would have probably...
  15. T

    Summary of 2023 Finds

    Another one into the record books! Well done Dave! I will not post my finds for the year...:cry2:
  16. T

    Sovereign modification

    Nice story Rick! I have a Mark 1 that I loan out once in a while to a hunting buddy! You sure don't see them anymore!