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Search results

  1. landman

    Minelab Manticore

    Ok it's February 10th and forlornly each day watch the USPS truck just keep rolling past my house without even a pause.
  2. landman

    Minelab Manticore

    Ok it's February and where's my Manticore?
  3. landman

    Nokta Golden Gate Plus 3D

    Just getting the itch again for this model. Anyone have one they's like to sell, DM me r email me at I'll do a complete test and critique when I get one in my hands and share with you all.
  4. landman

    Goldengate Plus 3D machine

    Looking to buy this again. In case anyone out there has one for sale.
  5. landman

    Nokta Goldengate Plus 3D

    Look on the extreme left side of the screen and there is the depth gauge in the results screen.
  6. landman

    When are the new Max's Due to ship?

    Also has anyone found a review on them yet. Been watching youTube and all they have is people using them in the filed but no real review.
  7. landman

    Does this mean the AT Max will replace the AT Gold as well?

    Meaning is there any feature on the AT Gold other than 18khz that differs from the AT MAX?
  8. landman

    Question for Eric Foster

    Eric, can the Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B ever be modified to have a discrimination circuit on it? Reason I even ask is because one of the techs at Kellyco suggested if and when it is done it would be by far the best water detector.
  9. landman

    Can any detector do this?

    Yes with iron it can but see what it does with aluminum and gold.
  10. landman

    DRS Ground Exper Depth Test Video

    Please understand I did this at 80% sensitivity and indoors. DRS informed me after I sent them the video that I should be able to get much more improved results outside. Part 2 will be just that. Enjoy part 1.
  11. landman

    DRS Ground Exper "Digital Pulse"

    The former engineer from Nokta who split and started his own company in Germany DRS has a detector called the Ground Exper. I've owned it and sold it and am repurchasing the new Pro version. Here's what I know and then I have a question. The detectors strength is the discrimination abilities...
  12. landman

    Ground Balancing...What is happening inside the detector

    Hi All, I understand what ground balancing is and does. What I don't understand is what the machine is doing inside it. What electronic adjustments it's doing to compensate for bad or good ground. Is it just the threshold and RX gain being adjusted or something else? Thank you!
  13. landman

    Upgrades to the Red Racer...?

    Since the Red Racer's release, has there been any upgrades or changes to the machines exterior or electronic interior?
  14. landman

    *New* Nokta Gold Machine:AU Gold Finder
  15. landman

    A Small Buried Container of Gold...How Would you find it?

    Coin and relic hunting is fun!. However if a treasure lead of a larger object of worth were buried in a field, forrest, back yard. What hunting protocol would you use and what equipment or detector?
  16. landman

    Functional Advantages of the AT Gold over the AT Pro

    When I first introduced to the AT line I immediately gravitated to the AT Gold.( I do not hunt for gold nuggets,) I had the initial impression that the AT Gold was had something over the AT Pro. Then I saw the opposite reaction from the general public with most gravitating to the AT Pro and I...
  17. landman

    Why the GTI 2500 - Is it still relevant?

    Been a big fan of the unit since it's introduction as the GTI 2000. Owing it on and off 3 times. I'm thinking of purchasing a new one this year but I'm hesitating. The reason is the depth. I love it's size imaging and it's ability to run in non motion all metal. My hesitation is and question is...
  18. landman

    Garrett Ace 400?

    Just saw this on another site for 2016. Anyone have anything more to add to this rumor?
  19. landman


    "ScanTrack™ optimizes treasure signals based on searchcoil swing speed" What does this mean and how has it helped? Has anyone tested this feature. Such as finding the optimum scan speed if in fact that would be a test for this feature????
  20. landman

    What Tips and Tricks for the GTI 2500 do you know...?

    How do you get the max depth on coins? Do you manual ground balance? How do you set the sensitivity? Does it make much difference what level the sensitivity is set? What trick have your learned that is not on the Garrett DVD or manual?