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Search results

  1. michael NY


    I hunted with the original meter with tremendous success then moved up To the Sunray DYI III meter works for me. I rember the patriot meter was kinda expensive even back then.
  2. michael NY

    Multi Kruzer Update Question

    I did the update it took some time navigating through but I am glad I did. I wonder why the machine is no longer being made?
  3. michael NY

    Funny quotes or sayings from movies.

    A classic one line from a great movie
  4. michael NY

    My first silver coins & a ring with the Nokta

    Thanks it’s first silver from there. I posted the 15 tokens came from the same sight almost a year ago!! They must have been stacked because if I put them together a few are bent they match . Thank you for looking and nice comment. HH Michael
  5. michael NY

    Oldie but goodie?

    Yea I just recently bought one for $150. I had one years ago made a lot of cool finds it’s a capable machine. Grab it you have fun
  6. michael NY

    My first silver coins & a ring with the Nokta

    I’ve gone back and forth over this land it’s challange to cover hills are steep down trees and rocky. Today I took the Nokta out need more coil time with her and was not disappointed any way 3 dimes and the silver ring litte bit clad but zero wheat cents🥹 The ground is perfect to do wet easy...
  7. michael NY

    Finally the first hunt of the yr... after 25+yrs of doing this, I commit the biggest rookie mistake...

    Yea I think everyone has been guilty of leaving a digger home a time or two! Leaving the machine home to bring headphones along and pinpointer 😝! That’s why I’ve started to bring two machines with me when I travel litte out the way or if I’m going to be walking a bit I will do a quick check...
  8. michael NY

    Sometimes I wonder

    I like the Etrac to and use different coils and have made plenty of decent finds with it. I still like going back with different detectors and poke around to see what’s in the ground.
  9. michael NY

    For all the guys and ( gals ) who have been detecting for a while ( like me almost 30 yrs ) what haven't you found yet.....

    Don’t feel mad it took me for ever to find my first seated dime and I’ve dug much older rare coins the seated had me. There still a few coins I like to find the Flying Eagle is in the top 10 lol
  10. michael NY

    Need Sov Part

    I hunted with the sovereign exclusive for long time stock coil. I bought the Sunray aftermarket coil it sucked very heavy no depth i Thoth it was swinging a brick. Killed it on cherry picking nickels in trash
  11. michael NY

    What is this large ring

    Ohyea that is without a doubt a part of the flux capacitor. BACK TO FUTRE! I had to LOL I saw the Ak’s stamped on it to it near piece maybe try to transcribe each character.
  12. michael NY

    Strangest thing I've ever found MDing.

    I rember a guy years ago and the same thing happen to me was.. detecting at an old hotel sight got a signal digging down a few inches to cut through a perfume bottle and this guy got it all over he had some explaining to do to his wife!! I just saved the bottle with bit perfume in it as proof...
  13. michael NY

    Tell us how long you been Metal Detecting

    You just have to love things like that when they happen.. Afain I understand it’s not about putting a dollar value on the nugget but having it and being able to show your friends family would be amazing! Was it sold off or did grandpa pack up for a rain day?
  14. michael NY

    Old friend coming back

    I’ve just picked up one my favorite old detectors Grand Master Cx III I had one many years ago trades of off.
  15. michael NY

    I had a nice “time “ out yesterday

    Thanks, I dug a gold one years ago it’s gold filled but still crazy, the cool thing was I opened it up and with the numbers inside I was able to find what year it was manual in. Hope you are able to dig one soon.
  16. michael NY

    I had a nice “time “ out yesterday

    It’s humid and deffintey hot and I need more time behind the new machine and learning it. It’s a Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer. Not far is an a grammar school I’ve dug a bunch of decent coins from even a silver Tiffany baby spoon! A couple of shot gun head stamps and not much later a sold signs and...
  17. michael NY

    Low tide = 1652! Pine tree Shilling

    Outstanding thank you for sharing!
  18. michael NY

    Thanks Elmy. I did the 110 today

    For me the Buffaloes I’ve dug were all mid tone signals and solid 12-12. The V nickel was the same as far as Indian head cenr I forgot but I’ve dug a few with the Etrac. Good lick
  19. michael NY

    Sometimes we forget what we find

    On Saturday I was back at lake I’ve hit dozen times but I wanted to go go the old beach part water is really low figures yea why not? On way walking to the beach that’s on back side of lake I’m swinging I see a guy fishing pretty normal stuff we’ll soon as he passes me I find a rod reel...