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Search results

  1. david bull

    Red Clay

    I’m with Daniel on this one.. I hunt this same Tennessee red dirt and and you’re counting on vdi’s for target identification you’ll go home with empty pockets.Most targets barely Id as iron…
  2. david bull

    Garrett Carrot at Walmart

    I’m surprised that Walmart would let counterfeits slip by. They may have already shut it down…
  3. david bull

    Garrett Carrot at Walmart

    This…Seems to have disappeared from google…
  4. david bull

    Garrett Carrot at Walmart

    Are the $64 Pinpointers at Walmart the real deal or Chinese knockoffs?Hard to believe they would offer these to Walmart and not their dealers….
  5. david bull

    coinmaster 6/db help

    Excellent target id.Remember that it will id targets in all modes.Start with lower sensitivity while learning.
  6. david bull


    I will always keep an F75 in my stable.As a relic Hunter my favorite setup is with the Tornado coil,disc @<6,tone@1,sens @88,de mode.Forget vdi #’s and dig everything that rises above 10.
  7. david bull

    Insane amount of gold coins found!

    The man of the house handled the finances including hiding the money.Seldom did they share this information with their family members.If they died in an accident the family would have no idea where the money was or if it even existed.There is also the possibility that it was plunder(very common)...
  8. david bull

    Cannonball Identification

    I honestly don’t know what this is.A friend of mine had it on his workbench and someone told him that it might be explosive…
  9. david bull

    Cannonball Identification

    No, they look like blow holes from the mold.
  10. david bull

    Cannonball Identification

    I believe a shot put would have the weight stamped somewhere.The weight (22.65#) doesn’t correlate to any known artillary shot.The hole is threaded and there is no casting seam.Part of a prisoner ball & chain maybe?
  11. david bull

    Cannonball Identification

    That hole seems too small for a fuse.I’m inclined to believe this is possibly a clinker used to crush rocks….
  12. david bull

    Cannonball Identification

    A friend gave this projectile and I am trying to determine if it is inert or still explosive.Circumference is 19”,Diameter 5 1/2”,weight 22.65 pounds .TIA
  13. david bull

    PayPal & eBay income tax information

    I guess it makes sense to do away with goods&services where your sale is protected and go to a format where you just send money to strangers with no recourse.Sort of fits in with everything else that is happening in Washington these days….
  14. david bull

    PayPal & eBay income tax information

    So that detector that I bought last year for $900 and sold this year for $850 is considered taxable income…If only I could get a couple million taxfree from communist China…
  15. david bull


    I have a Nokta EZ Wander that adapt wired headphones to your Legend. I sold my Legend and no longer need.$70 shipped..
  16. david bull

    Loss of long time forum friend Monte Berry 😥

    I’ve learned so much from Monte…RIP old friend..
  17. david bull

    Out Here Just Winging It…

    I thought it was from an eagle. I did check the immediate area to no avail.
  18. david bull

    Out Here Just Winging It…

    A few bullets from the same site…
  19. david bull

    Unmarked Oval Plate

    A friend of mine found this oval plate with no markings.Measures 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” with three missing attachment points on the back(unfilled). Military or Civilian?
  20. david bull

    Legal Question About Find

    I’m sure if you advertise “coins found” you will have plenty of folks claiming ownership.