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Search results

  1. Tony

    Eric Foster is gone

    A few more photos to remember him by…..
  2. Tony

    Eric Foster is gone

    I was planning to see him when visiting the UK in December 2022. Really saddened by this news. His funeral will be shown this Friday November 25th at 2pm UK time (UTC +0 GMT). Zoom info is 851 2635 9266 with Passcode of 251122. His wife has shared this information so others can view the...
  3. Tony

    battery powered Hookah

    “AirBuddy”.........should be the first hit from Google.
  4. Tony

    high gain and normal or low gain and sharp? which go deeper?

    Sharp with the lowest gain will be more advantageous than Normal with the highest gain. If you can run in Sharp with little ground noise then most likely you can run a decent gain as well.......the limiting factor might be EMI in which case you may need to drop the gain. Sharp is a very...
  5. Tony

    high gain and normal or low gain and sharp? which go deeper?

    Sharp and Normal timings generate a more powerful transmit yes, go for these timings and then adjust gain and other settings as needed. This principle works well for gold prospecting, assuming the ground isn’t heavily mineralised then the more powerful timings are the way to go. Tony
  6. Tony

    Excalibur coil stabilizer

    Hello all Has anyone come up with a decent design for a coil/loop stabilizer bracket for the Excalibur coil? Because the coil ears are flush with the side of the coil, the standard design doesn’t work (typical Whites style of loop stabilizer) Love the detector but the thin loop bolt provides...
  7. Tony

    RNB EX3000 Excalibur Charge voltage

    For those of you that use the RNB EX3000 battery for your Excalibur, can you recall what the battery voltage shows after coming off the charger? My brand new pack read 12.15 volts which feels a bit low but I'm not sure. This equates to 4.16v per cell (3 cell pack). Thanks. Tony
  8. Tony

    TDI Beach !

    Now we're getting somewhere !
  9. Tony

    Detech 12.5 DD Closed coil

    First impressions of the new Detech 12.5 DD Closed coil; (Sold my Spiral 15" DD recently....great coil but the weight was becoming a problem as I am generally hunting for long periods of time). Any yes, this is with using the Pro-Swing harness. 1. Nice weight (Just over 1000 grams / 15" Spiral...
  10. Tony

    Coil swap for Dual Field

    Curious to know if anyone has changed a coil on the Dual Field to something like the 950 Pulse Diver? The end of the coil cable appears to have a plugin connector to the board. It might even simply feed through the cable gland and then into the detector housing? Thanks for any ideas, Tony
  11. Tony

    CTX3030 stock lower shaft...upside down?

    Can the lower shaft be inverted to reduce cable strain? I have tried and failed to get it to line up at the control box end ????? Thanks, Tony
  12. Tony

    17" coil sensitivity

    Is it normal for the 17" coil to be less sensitive at the back end (that is the end nearest your feet). My coil is very sensitive at the top half but the back 1/3 doesn't sense much of a target ?? Is this normal? Thanks, Tony
  13. Tony

    Eric, a question regarding the Aquapulse AQ1B

    Hello Eric, Would it be possible to add a SAT feature to the Aquapulse AQ1B. I find that the audio 'tick" drops into the silent zone all too easily from it's original position where it can be heard. I guess it's a bit like the old Fisher Impulse where an extra hand can constantly tweak it. I...
  14. Tony

    Pinpoint trigger position

    Loving the CTX but is it just me thinking the pinpoint push button switch is difficult to engage when gripping the handle normally ?? I am comparing it to the White's setup on the MXT and V3....proper "trigger" switch. Tony.
  15. Tony

    CZ21 Air test (Interesting)

    I know air tests don't hold a lot of value except maybe comparing the performance between the same model but for my unit, having the GB on 1 gave significantly more depth/sensitivity than with a GB of 10. Also, the faster I waved the targets in front of the coil, the further I could detect...
  16. Tony

    CZ21 Autotune Threshold :confused:

    Okay guys, help me out on this one... Does the AUTOTUNE have a threshold and is it preset or can it be adjusted? I may have read somewhere that it can be adjusted with the SENS control but then what happens to the SENS setting. Am i missing something.....:stars: Thanks, Tony
  17. Tony

    CZ21 and Imedion 9.6v NiMH batteries

    Can anyone confirm whether the Imedion NiMH (9.6V) rechargeable batteries fit inside the CZ21 battery case? I have a CZ21 on the way and a chance to get some of the above batteries and charger very cheap. Thanks, Tony.
  18. Tony

    CZ21 sound on lead sinkers

    Do lead sinkers generate a low tone on the CZ21 or does it depend on the size of the sinkers (which range from pea size to larger "spoon" size). I have been detecting a popular swimming area which I now know is a popular fishing area ! Today I dug 93 assorted lead weights to get one gold ring...
  19. Tony

    Future technology ?

    An interesting read..... Tony.
  20. Tony

    20" big mono

    I'm guessing it's too early to tell but does anyone know how the big 20"x15" mono will see smaller targets such as a gold wedding ring? For pure depth, I wonder if the standard DD coil will see these sorts of targets deeper. Thanks for any replies, Tony.