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    Screen Protector do they work (NO):rant:

    Ok everyone here is what happened to me I had a screen protector on mine screen and I hit it with the digging knife . If you look in the first picture at the tip of the paper you can see a very very sight dent that was under the screen protector . . So the protector did work . But if you look...
  2. T

    Old Ring from around 1920:clapping:

    Was out hunting the old golf course got a 12/03 and out came this nice ring at about 6 to 7 inch . Had it checkout dates to around 1920 it a keeper .
  3. T

    Minelab PRO-SWING 45 ?

    Ok is anyone using the Pro-Swing 45 on there CTX if so tell me what you think. :twodetecting::minelab::cheers:
  4. T

    CTX Hammer a Large Cent and a Two Cent Peace:jump:

    Was over at my old fair ground that I been hunting on sent 2005 and the CTX get a Large Cent and a Two Cent Peace. So far no date on the LC but the Two Cent is a 1864.
  5. T

    New Excalibur ll :cheers:

    Well got me a new Excal and I really like it I have been using my CTX for water hunting and was doing really good with it but I want the Excal for water and the CTX for land . I hunt fresh water beaches at the State Parks I put a Anderson rod on the Excal and I am using a Reilly"s scoop . So I...
  6. T

    120 day with the CTX 3030 and a 115 old coins that pretty good odds :clapping:

    I have been hunting with my CTX for 120 day now and I have got 115 old coins I think those are pretty good odds almost a old coin a day. And it has done great on ring and clad here is what I have found. (Copper coins)...
  7. T

    Some Yellow and White with some Baby Ice :yikes: Got down to the beaches today got some Gold the yellow gold ring came up 12/03 and the white gold came up 12/09 it was a good day with the CTX.:twodetecting::minelab::cheers:
  8. T

    :twodetecting:It was a AWESOME:surrender:AWESOME:surprised: DAY Was over at are old Fair Grounds and got a 12/41 and it was jumping to a 12/44 at 7 inches so I was thinking maybe a silver dime and when I opened the hole and said Quarter I saw cool it a Washington and I removed so of the dirt and MAN it seated . Also got this...
  9. T

    CTX Recover Gold Ring:bouncy::clapping:

    Ok Sat. evening I go a call from a girl that got my name and she said here husband had lost his ring in a farm field so I went down there today and we went back to where they were working I started hunting in the tall grass that was 6 to 8 inches tall after about 10 min. I hit a target that was...
  10. T

    What A hunt started with a Wheat and ended with a Two Cent Coin:jump: Was at the old fair grounds and got a Wheat and a Rosey and a Two Cent piece was getting a 12/41 at 7 inches and when I opened the hole at 4 inch I got a clad penny and I put the pinpointer back in the hole and there was something on down in the hole . I do not no...
  11. T

    CTX will not concert to Xchange program:cry::surrender: Ok yesterday I hook the ctx to the program and it work find got home last night after a hunt plug it in it would not concert to the program I did a reset on the detector and that didnt help and I also reloaded the Xchange program and that didnt help so check out the...
  12. T

    12/13 = GOLD:surprised::yo: Got a 12/13 and at 5 inches was some GOLD. :twodetecting::minelab::cheers:
  13. T

    She is Thin but it one more for the CTX:starwars: Made it out to the old foot ball field last night got a 12/41 at 6 inches she thin but it one more silver for the CTX.:twodetecting::minelab::cheers:
  14. T

    :jump: Minelab Pro-find 25 pinpointer:jump:

    Was just on Kellyco and they have the pinpointer and you can pre order it .:twodetecting::minelab::thumbup: So I put my order in.
  15. T

    I think I have a old bullet:twodetecting:

    I think I have a old bullet If it is can someone tell me what is is and and what Cal. it is and how old Thanks.
  16. T

    Old Bullet:twodetecting:

    Got out to the GC this evening got a 12/35 at 8 inches I think I got a old bullet. :twodetecting::minelab::cheers:
  17. T

    WWII Silver Bomber Pin:usaflag: Got out this evening got one good target and it was WWII:twodetecting::minelab::cheers:
  18. T

    Question about the X change 2 :surrender:

    How do I get the target depth to show in inches it is in cm. Is there a way to change it. Thanks.:twodetecting::minelab::beers:
  19. T

    My First 30 day with the 3030

    My first 30 days with the CTX 3030 and here is what I have found with it I have been hunting a old Golf Course that I have been detecting for the Last 2 years . Indian 8 Wheat 17 Seated dimes 1 Barber Dimes 2 Merc Dimes 5 Seated Quarter 1 Standing Liberty Quarter 1 Washington Quarter 1 Silver...
  20. T

    A Pair of Barber:twodetecting: Was at a new park got a Indian if there one there more will be going back. Stop at the Golf Course (that is closed) and got a pair of barber the barber came in at a 12/41 and the Indian at 12/35 I am liking those number.:twodetecting::minelab::cheers: