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    figuring out Tesoro sounds

    I have tried this before, but would like to try again. In the past, I used Minelab Sovereigns, and was able to understand within a certain tonal range what they were telling me. Now, two things are true: I no longer use Minelab; and my hearing has not gotten better. Having bought two Tesoro's in...
  2. C

    Eurotec Pro

    I see written on another website that the Eurotek pro can whip the average Tesoro's in any number of ways. Any body on here experiencing any of that? Better depth, better discrimination, etc. This is something that I would like to know, because I can't tell what I'm hearing with a Tesoro...
  3. C

    Anybody ever converted Sovereign to 9 volt set-up?

    Just wondering if it had ever been done successfully?
  4. C

    Request for help, along with confession...

    I have hunted now for about 25 years, starting out with a Fisher 1266 and progressing through Garret, Bounty Hunter, Tesoro, and finally landing on Minelab. I bought and used the early models of the Minelab Sovereign, and eventually owned 3 different models. I also used the more advanced Minelab...
  5. C

    Fisher 75 and Technetiks T2

    Same parent company, but 2 different brands with considerable similarity and overlap. So what are the real differences?
  6. C

    Biggest differences between F-75 and T2

    Since both are made by the same parent companies, what are the real differences?
  7. C

    Discrimination points on cibola discrim dial

    I know that Tesoro metal detectors are famous for their ability to discriminate out unwanted metals. The question that I have is related to the Ciboloa model only- some point are marked, some are not. Can anybody give me a general around the dial marking by clock face notation? Details would...
  8. C

    Trying to decide between Tejon, Vaquero

    I am primarily a relic hound, both seem capable enough. Does the operating freqency mean anyting at all in mild soils?
  9. C

    Cibola Mods?

    Are there any mods to the Cibola that make any difference?
  10. C

    Cibola modifications

    Are there any modififications for the Cibola that amount to anything?
  11. C

    How to adjust to Tesoro from Minelab

    I have been a long and faithful Minelab Sovereign user since 1994. But the Sovereigns have fallen from grace with Minelab, so I am looking at Tesoro. I have owned Tesro's in the past, and respect them. But a friend inisists that Tesoros have to be swung fairly quickly to be effective, while low...
  12. C


    Getting older, weight of machine an issue, so I'm trading in my Minelab Explorer sepro for a Tejon. I'm an old relic hound, but doing more coins lately because there are few places left to relic hunt. Any suggestions from you Tejon owners out there? The Elder in Cajunistan (South Louisiana)
  13. C

    Trying one more anti-glare idea...

    The glare from the screens on e-tracs, explorers, etc makes me nutz! I tried a small rectangle of anti-glare glass; it helped, but wasn't enough for me. So, ordered a screen cover from ZAGG, the same kind of thing that you place on cell phones. One other thing that it offers is at least a...
  14. C

    Funny thing... E-trac Vs. Explorer

    Couldn't help noticing how many people seemed to be happy with their Explorers. Please understand, I am on my 3rd explorer, and had an xs, so this is not trash talking in any way. I long ago started away from other brands of metal detectors when I bought the first model of the Sovereign in 1994...
  15. C

    Still looking for the perfect anti-glare shield...

    Well, I continue to try to find the perfect answer to the issue of glare on explorer, etrac, etc screens. I had a small piece of anti-glare glass cut to mount over the part of the screen that I read, and it helped some, but??? I understand that ZAAG makes an outdoor screen for the Explorer that...
  16. C

    New discriminate setting: Sabisch?

    I have been trying to follows Andy Sabisch's set-up for relics, which blacks out the larger part of the upper left hand part of the screen. My SEPro will not cooperate! I manage toget the top line out to the eigth spot to darken it, but then I can't seem to make the cursor return for the next...
  17. C

    Relic setting from Andy Sabisch's book

    In Andy's book, there is a relic setting that blacks out the upper left corner so that Iron is held in check. Has anyone tried this hummer out yet? I usually run Bryce's coin settings, but I am curious about this one. Talk to me, somebody...
  18. C

    Explorer relic setting from Andy Sabisch

    Has anyone out there tried Andy' Sabisch's blacked out upper left corner discrimination setting for the Explorer (Page 141) ? I am curious, and willing to try it, but just wondering if anyone else has already used and what results might look like.... Chuck Smith
  19. C

    Cutting glare on screen- some help!

    I realise that this could as easily have gone on the modifications forum, and if it is moved there, I will not be offended. Working from advice that Stasys provided earlier, I went to see a buddy who has an art/framing shop. He was able to provide glare cutting glass that is frosted with acid on...