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Search results

  1. JamesBondaka

    Daytona Beach find

    I found the Civil War button from the 1840s in the center of Fort Lauderdale Beach . Go figure. Viva detectorados!
  2. JamesBondaka

    Jade piece?

    Looks to be jade. Its about 3 1/2 inches long x 2 inches. 3/8 thick. Flat on one side and slightly curved on the other. Any ideas?
  3. JamesBondaka


    Says C.G Haenel suhl. Some other markings. Anyone know anything about this Thanks!
  4. JamesBondaka

    A necklace of some kind ?

    I'm going to say that this is some kind of choker/necklace. This was found in the house on the property but not by me Any ideas?
  5. JamesBondaka

    bottle find

    I'm going to say this is a bottle.....know anything else?
  6. JamesBondaka


    Who knows about these?
  7. JamesBondaka

    I looked the devil in the face devil, then found Jesus now found luck and love all in the same day

    I've been lucky this month and is a good sign of .....that other toolbox:happy:
  8. JamesBondaka

    help with cache coins

    Hi all, As some of you know...I found a decent amount of stuff. These 2 from the cache have me stumped. Can you help?
  9. JamesBondaka

    Cache"ing A Dream

    This happened a few weeks ago....If you don't like banks, this story is for you! A couple contacted me about some valuable items that were apparently buried on land that they now owned. A family member that had amassed many items was ill and was supposed to show his longtime friend where...
  10. JamesBondaka

    Found these in the course of metal detecting in an old house

    We are currently hunting for some items lost on some acreage as well as checking out an old house . 2 military jackets from World War II I'm guessing . Any help? Thanks!
  11. JamesBondaka

    I looked the devil in the face...NOW I found Jesus

    I found this ring a few years ago.....I'm glad to find a pendant with more redeeming value!
  12. JamesBondaka

    My booty haul in Florida

    A few months ago I met up with my friend Sanderling for a week of beach hunting in Florida I found a little bit of everything including gold and silver . Not anything spectacular but we found a lot and we had a great time ! I'll be heading to Florida again next month and hope we can meet...
  13. JamesBondaka

    1877 Indian head.......sorta:blink:

    Doing some projects around my place so I pulled out the ctx. Got this in a few minutes. Its about 3 inches in diameter. I know they made these for along time but this was in the ground for quite a while.
  14. JamesBondaka

    Old and well forgotten

    Pulled this out of the ground today not far from my house. I think its a luggage or key tag. Says 1911 on the back.....wonder if I can still get a reward?:smile:
  15. JamesBondaka

    Our chopper hunt in the desert

    After our 2000 mile (one way) last year we decided to hunt a bit closer to home and let the airlines and pilots do the "driving". We flew into some private land and did some hunting with the Ctx and Tdi. Besides some clad, junk this is what we found. Wasn't very profitable but very fun!
  16. JamesBondaka

    unique revolver found

    A friend and I found this in an old house. I don't know anything about it or have ever seen one. Do you know anything? Thanks
  17. JamesBondaka

    4 gold coins in the hole!

    Before I head south for the holidays, I decided to make a valiant attempt to find something....before I have to buy an Ark. Unusually wet this year and lots of it! I went an old park that I had not been to before. Raingear and all, I tried to make the best of it......thinking theres a silver...
  18. JamesBondaka

    Heading to Florida for some detecting...

    HI All! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm heading to Florida for the holidays. I'm going to do a lot of beach hunting and some water and scuba too. If any one wants to do some detecting....lets meet up and find some treasure.
  19. JamesBondaka

    Going thru my travel bags I found.....

    On my last trip to Florida last year, I found this at the beach with my Ctx. I forgot all about it. Someone must have brought it from Mexico. Btw, I'm heading back to Florida for the holidays.....if anyone wants to do some detecting....let me know!
  20. JamesBondaka

    Debate about "To seal or not to seal"?

    So, now that a lot of us have decided to upgrade our Ctx battery compartment seal and usb O rings.....there is a question in my mind.....when to do it? Do you think its good to replace the O rings and put the clamps down and knob turned tight.....or......replace the O rings.....and make the...