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Search results

  1. JCR TX

    Ground Balance knob

    Good video. I can almost bet he has fairly mild soil & the soil sets the rules on difficulty.
  2. JCR TX

    Beast mode nets gold today.....

    That is very nice.
  3. JCR TX

    Ground Balance knob

    In my experience, the Vista X performs at it’s best with a spot on Ground Balance. This is especially important in mineralized soil conditions. Best depth & best Disc/Tone. Performing the GB in Disc mode is more precise than AM because you can hear the point where the tone response switches.
  4. JCR TX

    MXT VDI Discrimination

    There is not any "hard" correlation chart, or even single Disc point/VDI that I have seen. It would not be universal or accurate enough to use anyway. The marked reference points are meant to be a relative index. You just have to test targets & build a working understanding of the effect. The...
  5. JCR TX

    Old silver tonight.........

    Very nice.
  6. JCR TX

    DeepTech Innovation

    I like Paul Warren’s channel very much. I’ve been a subscriber to it for a good while. The problem of negative comments is nothing new. Most of those are from people who watch and hear what they want to hear instead of actually listening & thinking about what he is saying. Of course, there are...
  7. JCR TX

    DeepTech Innovation

    @oldkoot , I may do a video with the Vista X and Demon coil. Maybe some comparison with some other units with big coils.
  8. JCR TX

    DeepTech Innovation

    The Demon coil is a little bit on the heavy side but if you shorten the lower shaft about an inch it swings well. It is noticeably deeper than the stock 11” and still separates very very well.
  9. JCR TX

    Arm Cuff Padding

    I have added a layer of the soft pile side of 2" Velcro to several of my detectors' arm rest, including the Vista X. You can also use closed cell foam padding tape
  10. JCR TX

    V 1.15 is now available

    Not much yet. The DT deep target function works well and is practical anyway.
  11. JCR TX

    V 1.15 is now available

    The finalized version of the latest update is available on the Nokta website now.
  12. JCR TX

    Finally got my X

    The Vista X will be a great unit for you, but the real treasure is reaffirming a friend & finding a hunting buddy.
  13. JCR TX

    Mining for lead

    That is a memorable hunt with some nice & interesting finds.
  14. JCR TX

    Battery Pack or the Legend

    I keep mine attached all the time but only connect it when I am down to 1 bar. The extra weight under the elbow is not noticeable to me. Having the back up battery ready to go has been very handy on several occasions.
  15. JCR TX

    Super 6 Coil

    I don’t think so. Vista X is at 16.5 kHz if I remember correctly. DeepTech makes one for the X. I have it and all the other ones made for it. The Super Six is excellent like all the others & probably the smoothest running one. I used that combination last week and dug some targets behind the...
  16. JCR TX

    DeepTech Innovation

    @oldkoot , you need 2 things. The Demon coil for the Vista X, and some of my red dirt so you cant make the rest of us look bad.😉
  17. JCR TX

    Rutus Versa on Mineralized test bed

    Yes, on the All Metal side you can independently adjust the sensitivity. Very useful.
  18. JCR TX

    DeepTech Innovation

    My thought/suggestion is more about Simultaneous Multi Frequency signal processing compared to Single Frequency signal processing. Digital verses Analog is NOT the focus. We tend to call detectors that do not have a display an Analog detector, but that is not the proper definition. (The...
  19. JCR TX

    I have a coin need ID

    You might get some results from Google Lens. I would say definitely foreign. Almost looks like a German pickle helmet on his head.
  20. JCR TX

    DeepTech Innovation

    Look at the advertising header at the top of this sub forum & check them out. Excellent detectors.