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Search results

  1. D

    F-19 —- Anyone use one now ??

    The 7X11"----I call it my "halibut" coil. :)-----A good coil (IMO)!
  2. D

    What happened to the Vista X Faceplate & Knobs?

    My vote goes for the grey & orange ones.
  3. D

    Are there any difference between the F-19 & G-2+?

    Hard to figure all that different FT pricing---even on the same models.
  4. D

    DeepTech Innovation

    I think JCR is just conveying some of his thoughts.----Nothing wrong with that.----Isn't that (part of) what this Forum is all about?
  5. D

    Are there any difference between the F-19 & G-2+?

    No difference between the "internals" of the F-19 & G2+.-----How much are the F-19s selling for now?
  6. D

    Couldn’t do without…

    Jim-----If you like the 6" DD coil on the Vaquero--you will absolutely LOVE the concentric 6" coil!----Been there done that! :)-------Del
  7. D

    TRX question

    I'll check with them.---Thank you Sir.
  8. D

    TRX question

    Where can a person get a TRX repaired?-----Thanks------Del
  9. D

    pi pinpointers

    Thanks--I'll give that a try if I ever end up with another F Pulse.----I've used the TRXs for years (still do) & haven't had any EMI issues with them.----The only problem is---TRXs are no longer made & are now pretty much as rare as hens teeth.
  10. D

    pi pinpointers

    Causes "cross talk".
  11. D

    Very good video by Gary how to guage the depth of a target

    How's it goin Kevin? :)
  12. D

    Very good video by Gary how to guage the depth of a target

    Be nice if it did---but it takes a push of the upper right (arrow) button to get out of the pinpoint mode.
  13. D

    Very good video by Gary how to guage the depth of a target

    Must be nice to have that kind of ground to dig in.
  14. D

    Manticore update?

    You & me both!!
  15. D

    TRX pinpointer

    Is there any place to get theses pinpointers repaired?
  16. D

    Pulled the trigger on a XP Deus 2

    Congrats----I'm sure you are really going to like it.
  17. D

    Change coil charging clamp

    I have/use the "Doodads" charging clips--they work fine with easy enough hook up.----The only problem there is that they are no longer available.---The person that made them went out of business.----I wish the factory charger clip was made similar to the magnetic one on the Minelab Equinox...
  18. D

    Change coil charging clamp

    More details please.