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Search results

  1. sprchng

    Ok so what's the go to low latency ear buds right now???

    I forget who suggested these (maybe odan) but they are my go to for all occasions now. Probably a little cheaper through Avantree since you may get by without sales tax. The option to go with the earpieces or speakers next to your ears is priceless for situational awareness. The battery life is...
  2. sprchng

    The Legend V1.15 dt feature in Minerals & Iron

    I'm usually the offender;)
  3. sprchng

    The Legend V1.15 dt feature in Minerals & Iron

    I just effortlessly installed the 1.15 which is a feat for a tech dunce like myself and , if anyone is sitting the fence about doing it , I have to strongly suggest you take the plunge. The most important part of the update may be the last item on Nokta's list about improving overall...
  4. sprchng

    Favorite places to hunt in parks

    Everyone detects the obvious spots and if you live in an area that gets slammed ( like the one I live in) , go looking for the spots that sees the fewest detectors. Ironically , I have found one of the most overlooked is right along the sidewalks or curbs. I see lots of detectorists get their...
  5. sprchng

    I got it , a Super cool meteor !)

    Nice chunk of concrete you have there
  6. sprchng

    Questions about BEAST Mode

    Sergei , looking forward to you write also , enjoyed your work on other detectors and found it much more useful that many others.
  7. sprchng

    Different updates on the Legend and which one do you like most?

    I have not gone beyond 1.11 but until the recent 1.15 I think most of the update in between were just for the pinpointer which I'll never use. i have done very little detecting lately and have not done the 1.15 but now that schools are about to finish i probably will. Detecting the public parks...
  8. sprchng

    Gold...sell or hold ?????

    Silver is currently trading at just under 32 but the lowest going rate on the retail sites is around 38 for an ASE and junk silver in full bags around 34. That of course does not count sales tax if you purchase in a State that has it (you increase that cost by 8% in this one) thanks to the...
  9. sprchng

    Arm Cuff Padding

    I took the wool side of the velcro trick and has worked great ,,, the rubber/foam stuff gets dirty and slimey if you get it wet or sweaty.
  10. sprchng

    Legend Parts

    I did not know there was a Legend "800",,,, r u sure that is correct :oops:
  11. sprchng

    Legend Trouble Shooting

    If that turns out to be the case , don't let it make you gun shy of getting another one. I use mine almost exclusively any more and would prefer it any day over the stock 11" coil.(y)
  12. sprchng

    Legend Trouble Shooting

    First thing I would try is a different coil.
  13. sprchng

    Battery Pack or the Legend

    I have been leaving mine on . I often hunt in 4kz and use the backlight on high so drain the batteries pretty fast. The pack prevents me from being surprised and getting that low battery signal. The weight does add to the balance with the larger 30 and 35 coils
  14. sprchng

    Why don't the new machines have GPS?

    I think the manufacturers would find it a losing proposition if they made the GPS a feature that was an optional item like a package with additional coils that many offer. If it added weight and cost to a machine most who felt it would be useful would just buy a reasonably priced stand alone GPS...
  15. sprchng

    Hi. Does anyone know what this is?

    Pebble from a pot hole repair job
  16. sprchng

    Why don't the new machines have GPS?

    Never saw the need for the GPS in my CTX or any other gadget I might have. If it adds even a couple of hundred to the cost of a detector , that equals the value of a couple months of detecting finds or more in the venues I have at my disposal and the number of available sites drops daily,,,,no...
  17. sprchng

    9.5 Years...

    I hi-lited my buttons with white paint as well and most are dirt colored now but even that helps. I was a ML guy as well and the Legend is not an etrac or CTX but it does get the shout over the NOXs. The tones are not as descriptive as the ML tones but they work and I have been more than...
  18. sprchng

    Gold...sell or hold ?????

    I would have trouble dealing with that as well. Worst offer I have ever had on silver was 90% , gold is 95% , last time I sold silver was at $30 which was 5 over spot and the important thing on silver to remember is that "spot in not". Check the big selling sites like Monex or Apmex and then...
  19. sprchng

    Gold...sell or hold ?????

    You're going to be better off finding a local source to sell than sending it to a refiner with the cost of shipping and percentages the refiner will eventually take. Know what you have and take it someone reputable even if you have to travel a few miles and if they will deal on a cash basis ...
  20. sprchng

    Gold...sell or hold ?????

    My philosophy has never been "sell or hold" when it comes to precious metals , I prefer "spend or keep" , there is a difference and don't forget the tax implications if you choose to sell with a paper trail.