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Search results

  1. M

    First capped bust dime

    My last time through Buckingham Courthouse, I saw a septic cleaning service van with painted Randy Quaid on the side of it ("shitter's full!" - Christmas Vacation) 😂
  2. M

    First capped bust dime

    Good digging out that way! I'm in York Co.
  3. M

    First capped bust dime

    Southern Virginia.
  4. M

    First capped bust dime

    Definitely being careful! I put enough distilled water on it to get the dirt off and immediately stuck it in a protective coin holder (after it dried, of course).
  5. M

    First capped bust dime

    Today I dug some shot pennies, 3 ringers, round balls, a 20th century NYC seal button, and my first cap bust dime. Fun day!
  6. M

    Buckle, bullet, buttons and balls (tiny silver, too)

    Last hunt until after Christmas. Two spots today. The first produced the pewter piece (melted) and buckle (dates between1630-1690). Meager finds after those two. The second spot revealed the Sharp's, musketballs, flat buttons and a tiny silver cuff link top. The wait for the next hunt is going...
  7. M

    Four rings just under the grass.

    They just kept coming! What a score!
  8. M

    Nice surprise find.

    She's a beauty! Nice one!
  9. M

    Didn't even know it existed!

    I thought the same. Thanks!
  10. M

    Didn't even know it existed!

    Thanks bud and thanks for the insight on the item. It had a little insignia of some kind on it briefly, but it vanished with the lightest qtip brushing. Do you know what era?
  11. M

    Didn't even know it existed!

    I had an interesting hunt today. I found a coin that I wasn't even aware existed: a 1722 Rosa Americana 1/2 penny, composed of "bath metal" and minted in Philadelphia. I also dug my first silver ring, a couple bullets, a round ball, a large rivet, a copper cap of some kind, and a lead or...
  12. M

    CW camp and horse farm finds

    Confederate. Sharp's variant bullets gave it away for me.
  13. M

    CW camp and horse farm finds

    Extended the weekend by one more day to do a little digging. Seems like it was a good idea after all.
  14. M

    A little silver and copper and a lot of lead

    New spot yesterday produced a lot of targets. 1774 holed 1/2 reale, 1/4 pistareen, 1897 Barber dime, slick large cent (I can barely see a Matron head), copper ring, Sharp's variant bullet, musketballs and a silver utensil handle.
  15. M

    Dirt lunch

    Man, made me hungry and late at night (for me)! 😂
  16. M

    Dirt lunch

    Chicken salad sandwich 😆
  17. M

    Dirt lunch

    Fun lunch hunt. The dandy has a little fancy around the edge. I dug this same button at a another nearby property, but the silver wash was still somewhat intact. The darker button with the backmark says Lewis & Tomes Extra Rich. Those two round lead pieces, I can't quite figure them out...
  18. M

    Two hunts, Two 1812 Buttons

    The yellow/orange button might actually pre-date the War of 1812. I'm working on cleaning and preserving the other, a Light Artillery 2 button. Also bagged a VA half penny, 1840 half dime (tiny!), smashed thimble, a pair of musketballs, buckles, scale weights and even some mystery metal LOL...
  19. M

    Mexican silver and more

    Coastal Virginia.