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  1. N

    Button? Cuff link? What in the world is it?

    I'm clueless as to what this is. I feel like maybe it's a cuff link, but it's bigger than any cuff link I've seen or found. Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!
  2. N

    One month silver slump is over I managed to break my month long silver slump this week. I metal detected so many different spots to do it. Seems like in my area the only places left with silver are yards.
  3. N

    Great Salt Lake

    I had to severely reduce the size and quality of the image to upload it here, but it still looks OK to me.
  4. N

    Equinox did well against the CTX3030 Went to visit my detecting buddy Steve in Minnesota and we went out metal detecting for a couple of days, a friendly NOX vs CTX challenge. We both came away with some nice silver and tokens plus a few other coins. While we were pretty even in finds, I admit I would...
  5. N

    Video of a trip back in April - silver and more 720p HD video, so it might be slow loading if you don't have high speed internet.
  6. N

    Some finds since I bought the E-Trac almost 3 months ago

    In mid June I bought an E-Trac after carefully considering my choices for a new detector. I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. With my limited time on the machine and considering I live in metal detecting hell, I think I've done OK with it.
  7. N

    My first Barber half!

    Praise the Lord I found my first Barber half today! Poor lady has been shot twice, but I'm happy anyway. It was nice that it was even and 1897. I also found a 1906 IH, 1936 wheat, an old two piece button that says "Lawrence Indian School" and an older Timex watch. I was out hunting with...
  8. N

    My finds this weekend

    Just got in this afternoon from the DFXONLY hunt that was held in Michigan (not planted). Just a quick post of my finds. If you have questions, ask away!
  9. N

    Silver and gold!

    I wanted to get out so bad this weekend, but it just kept raining. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and when the rain went away Sunday afternoon I went out. I hit an older school area that I've been to before. But this time I went over in an area that I've not detected along the edge of the...
  10. N

    Silver, IH's and wheats

    I had a good hunt today. I got all these except the 1941 wheat which my nephew scored. That D2 coil was tearing it up. I dug the 1892 Barber dime at 8".
  11. N

    Short hunt, IH and old bottle

    Went back to the spot where I found the 1902 IH last Sunday. Got lucky and found this nice 1904 IH. Much better details than the 1902. I also found this whiskey bottle (I'm assuming it's whiskey). If anyone has any information on it, I'd be happy to know. Thanks for looking!
  12. N

    First IH of 2009

    While it's a little nasty looking, it's my first IH of 2009. I'll take it. Oddly, I haven't even found any wheats yet. :D
  13. N

    Vision EMI?

    I know nobody really has one yet (other than those that were testing it - and I know some of you are on this forum ;) ). However, I'd like to know when you do get them, if the EMI is as bad as it was with the DFX. Here in my area I could never use 3 KHz because it was so bad.
  14. N

    First hunt of 2009

    Took a little vacation to Texas last week. Decided to hit some new spots and some old. Unfortunately I only got to hunt a couple of days out of the week, but they paid off with these finds. The quarter is really worn, but I think it's a 1926 no mint. The merc is a 1919D. Both were in the same...
  15. N

    Silver ring

    Quick hunt today. Came up with this sterling silver ring. Not much else but clad. I'll take it.
  16. N

    My first Barber quarter!

    Decided to give the D2 another work out. Tried two spots with no luck. Decided to go back to my hotel site. I dug a little lock first, then a 1917 D wheat. After a few more minutes I dug my first Barber quarter! An 1892 no less. This is my third 1800's silver. I'm pretty excited. It was 6.5"...
  17. N

    Silver ring and wheat

    I decided to take a half day off to go detecting. I got a silver ring (3.7 grams) and a '46 wheat.
  18. N

    White's D2 coil review (used on MXT)

    First I want to start off by saying that I'm in no way a "professional" metal detectorist. I have used the MXT for several years and feel that I know the unit very well. I have used various coils with it and have done my best to learn each of their quirks. This review is part objective and part...
  19. N

    Silver, wheats and more

    I decided to spend my day testing out the new D2 coil from White's. First thing I dug was the bus token. I thought it was just a copper disk, but decided to keep it in the "good" pouch. When I got home I was happy to see it was a token. The next few digs were these silver dimes and wheats...
  20. N

    White's D2 coil

    Here's a pic of the new D2 coil compared to the 8" Excelerator, Eclipse 950 and DD 1400. I don't see why anyone would want to use the 950 if the D2 is deeper and just as light with a bigger sweep area.