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    Online Firmware Updates For Anfibio???

    Nokta Makro touts "Online Firmware Updates" as one of the features/selling points on the Anfibio. "Stay up-to-date with firmware updates (via USB on PC) and get the most out of your detector." The Impact, Kruzer, and Simplex also offer this feature and all three have had software updates...
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    Anfibio multi user question

    Hey Jeff. The only other coil I have is the 7" concentric. I would say it is a little less chatty than the stock 11" coil.
  3. T

    Anfibio makes a few finds today

    Hey dfmike. It is nice to pull out a silver. They are getting so hard to come by in parks. Regarding trash, I did dig some pull tabs as well, but not too many. I usually only dig pull tabs if they are deep, as I have a hard time passing up any signal that is showing some depth.
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    Anfibio makes a few finds today

    Hey okierebel. That was a lot of digging. I am surprised at the amount of new money that is dropped. It's much more fun to find the older stuff, but at least there is something being replenished in our hunted out parks.
  5. T

    Anfibio makes a few finds today

    Hey Iowa Relic. I am happy. For me, a slow day metal detecting almost always falls into the "good day" category, no matter what the finds.
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    Anfibio makes a few finds today

    Mild weather today gave me a chance to get the Anfibio out for one more hunt this year. Went to a couple of my same old parks, which have been pounded. Old coins were hard to come by, but I managed to squeeze out a couple of Wheats and a 1917 Mercury Dime. As you can see, I dug a lot of...
  7. T

    Last time out in 2020

    Congrats on your finds! I'm in Iowa right now, and hoping I might get one more chance to get out early next week, as we are supposed to have a couple of days in the 40's. Hopefully the ground will not be frozen solid.
  8. T

    No Silver, but Some Cool Finds

    Hey Ronstar. I think you are probably right about someone making a call, and the officer was just checking it out. Or, maybe he didn't want to approach me out of fear of the Covid virus.😀
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    No Silver, but Some Cool Finds

    I was finally able to get back out yesterday to do a little detecting. I went to an older school site, which has been hunted hard. The Sheriff drove by a couple of times, and then actually pulled over and watched me for quite some time. However, he never got out of the vehicle. Anyway, I was...
  10. T

    Finally got out with the Anfibio this afternoon

    Hey Iowa Relic. You bring up some good points. I am a little surprised there has never been an update for the Anfibio, as NM really seemed to push that as a selling point. 3 Tone, with a gain of 89, is the easiest mode to hunt in, and if I'm in an area where the targets are not deep, I use...
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    Finally got out with the Anfibio this afternoon

    Actually, I have had my Anfibio since January of 2019. Finding time to use it has been my problem. However, in the times I've been out, I have made many good finds, and feel like I am getting to know the machine pretty well. I use both the stock 11" coil and the 7" concentric coil. It has...
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    Finally got out with the Anfibio this afternoon

    Hey GA1dad. I have noticed that deep nickels occasionally give a higher ID than normal. Not sure why that is.
  13. T

    Finally got out with the Anfibio this afternoon

    Hey Coinboy007. I am from Pella. I have detected over in your area. In fact, my hunting buddy made a great find in the Riverside Park several years ago---2 Barber Halves and an Indian Cent all in the same hole.
  14. T

    Finally got out with the Anfibio this afternoon

    Hey Monte. I agree with you about knowing the coils and settings used as well. Today, I used the stock 11" coil, as the area I was hunting was not real trashy, and I wanted to get the extra depth. I hunted in five tone mode with the gain at only 70, as there was significant EMI. I used both...
  15. T

    Finally got out with the Anfibio this afternoon

    I have not been able to metal detect much this year, but had a chance this afternoon. I went to an old church site that I had hit hard with my Explorer XS. Too my surprise, the Anfibio was able to find a few more targets, including a Buffalo Nickel, an Indian Cent, and a few more relics...
  16. T

    Another bucket lister for the Kruzer!!

    Congrats on the Half Dime! Always a fun coin to find. I have not been able to get any detecting in, but hoping to get out some this month.
  17. T

    Looking for coil info on Anfibio

    Hey Iowa Relic. I use the Anfibio Multi. For me, the 7" concentric coil advantages over the stock 11' coil are as follows: 1. The ability to easier pick out good targets in trashy areas. 2. The ability to better discriminate trash, especially crown caps. 3. The ability to easier swing the...
  18. T

    Got a new toy today!

    Congrats on your new toy! Be patient with it. It will likely take some time to become proficient with it.
  19. T

    Looking for coil info on Anfibio

    I use the Anfibio Multi, and have recently gained a lot of confidence in 3 tone, but only with a high gain setting. I would only use 3 tone with a gain of 89 or less if I was searching for a recently dropped item that was close or on top of the surface, as the depth is minimal in 3 tone with a...