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    V3i ground balance offset question

    I received an answer to this on a different forum, if anyone else is interested... Apparently it's approximately a 1:1 offset point:VDI point ratio. So adding 6 offset points should work. -94 +6 = -88
  2. G

    V3i ground balance offset question

    The MXT has the ability to lock in the ground balance, at startup, to either GND 83 (approx = VDI -94) or GND 50 (approx = VDI -88. (from Jeff Foster's "The MXT Edge") My question regarding the V3i is this: If I manually ground balanced, and then locked, my V3i and the ground was VDI -94, what...
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    V3I + 13" Detech & iron VDI's

    Thank you, Blind Squirrel!
  4. G

    V3I + 13" Detech & iron VDI's

    Hello everyone, I am a long-time MXT owner who has been in hibernation for a few years, and am now about to start up again and buy a V3i + the Detech 13" coil. One of my biggest challenges has been in situations where a piece of iron is big enough (2"x3"x1/4" as an example) to show up as a...
  5. G

    Best iPhone App?

    Hello everyone. Who can tell me what the best hiking+tracking app for the iPhone is. I would like to see as much geo as possible. Don't really need topographic maps, but roads and some trails would be nice for reference. Really just want to be able to track my prospecting adventures. I have...
  6. G

    Pinpoint goes null over a screw with D2 coil?

    I have never noticed this before and am wondering if anyone else has as well. I found and dug a signal in my yard and found a 3" screw, pic attached. It was pretty new and since it gave me a higher-than-expected VDI while in the ground (-17) I decided to do some extra testing on it. When running...
  7. G

    No adjustable ground balance?

    I've read the manual and from what I can tell, the ground balance is similar to the Infinium - i.e. It's auto only. Am I correct in seeing there is no tweaking or manual adjustment of the ground balance?
  8. G

    Salt and Ground ranges

    Has anyone done any testing to determine the available GND ranges of the Ground and Salt ground balance modes? I've been playing around with mine (by trying to ground balance the machine on several items) and the ranges presented in Jeff Foster's "The MXT Edge" don't seem right. He says (pages...
  9. G

    Strange MXT VDI readings...

    Just got back from a trip to the Sierra Nevada's, and found a small piece of iron around 10" deep, like an old can piece, and it gave a weird VDI reading. I had my MXT set on the pre-set Gain (9+), ground balanced at around GND=64 then set on Lock, and in the Prospecting mode. Attached are...
  10. G

    Interesting metal find

    I found this funny piece of metal about 9" deep at the edge of the Yuba River in northern California last weekend. Sorry about the quality of the pictures - it's about 1/4" in diameter and has a shiny silvery look. Thought it may be lead at the time, but since my fingernail and then my knife...
  11. G

    MXT in the California Gold Country

    I posted this in the White's forum, so apologize if some of you have already seen it. MXT in California Gold Country I will apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but wanted to provide the whole story so those who are newer than me may get something out of it, and those who are more...
  12. G

    Ground balancing and hot rocks

    I was in a dried stream bed in the northern California gold country last year and my MXT300 with the 12" concentric coil was overloading and sounding off on hot rocks like crazy, in the prospecting mode. I was fairly new to the machine so my skill level was weak, but I am preparing to go again...
  13. G

    10 x 14 Mono experience?

    There doesn't seem to be many references to the 10 x 14" Mono coil. My research seems to report that a Mono coil will get deeper responses than a DD coil. So why isn't everyone using the 10x14" Garrett Mono coil on the Infinium? Does anyone have experience with this coil in areas with high...
  14. G

    Infinium Technical Questions

    Thanks for setting up this forum! I posted these questions in another forum, but now have more clarifications and they now belong in this new forum. Regarding the discrimination on the Infinium, what exactly is the discrimination knob doing? Is it a pulse delay? So since it is gold that I...
  15. G

    Infinium Technical Questions

    Hi. I have a couple questions about the Infinium. Technically, what exactly is the discrimination knob doing? Is it a pulse delay? And, what does the frequency adjust do? The product data states: "The Discrimination Control Becomes A Frequency Adjust Control, With 32 Separate Frequencies...