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  1. K

    Lost My Pin Pointer.... Damn It..! Need Advice

    Exactly what I was going to say
  2. K

    Why all the 800 hate?

    That makes sense. I agree on this. When I got the Explorer 2 on release June 2003 for my birthday nothing came close in top of the line machines. Now Minelab is being threatened if not beaten by Deus, Nokia, and others. Price is ok overall for the Equinox and I would pay full price again but...
  3. K

    Why all the 800 hate?

    Seems like a lot of people hate the 800. I love mine. Maybe I am missing out by keeping with it? I used the EX2 for a long time. When the Nox 800 came out I bought as soon as I could. Been using it since. Before anyone says it leaks. I only submerged the control box of mine a few times and...
  4. K

    Million penny’s found in basement

    I still say I am becoming a millionaire one penny at a time and I am confident there is millions of them still in the dirt.
  5. K

    Attention all ATX owners past or present.

    I have read comments about the coil cord being an issue. I recently bought an ATx and wondered, for those that experienced the cord cracking issue, did this diminish the operation of the unit?
  6. K

    Explorer II to Etrac?

    I am currently in South Korea and return to U.S. in 2018. I want to retire the Explorer II (use as back up when needed) and get a new machine. I bought the EX II when it released in 2003 or 2004 (I can't remember) It works but shows its age. The ETrac is high on the list, but it came out 9 years...
  7. K

    Which detector to choose?

    I am currently in South Korea. I will be back in the U.S. 2018. I will then be looking to put a new machine in my arsenal. Currently I own an Minelab Explorer II that has a ton of miles on it. It is time to put it aside and only use it when necessary. My dilemma is choosing my next machine. The...
  8. K

    Safari Question. Please help

    I have an old Explorer II. I have had it since 2003 and it shows. Long story short I am in the market for a new machine. I really like the EX II and I was thinking of getting a E-trac. Reason for this is the coils and batteries are interchangeable. But if this is true with the Safari then I...
  9. K

    AT Pro vs AT Gold Which one?

    My wife is wanting to upgrade from the Ace 250 and I am thinking the AT Pro or AT Gold but I am not sure if there is any advantage of getting the AT Gold. What are your thoughts. We mostly hunt land and coin shoot if that helps. Thanks for your input.
  10. K

    Screen Glare. Why do you care?

    I have read a lot of complaints about the E-Trac and the screen display. Mainly the glare and inability for most to be able to read in certain conditions. I am lost as to why they rely on it so heavily in the first place. In my experience many things can change the ID of a target; depth of...
  11. K

    South Korea anyone?

    I am heading to Osan Air Force Base in Feb 2017. I will be stationed there for one year. I am bringing Garrett Infinium and Garrett Ace 250 if anyone will be there and wants to meet up my wife and I will be looking for treasure. :)
  12. K

    Rain Cover question

    I was wondering if anyone has actually put the rain cover on their E-trac to the test. In other words, hunted in the rain. I am talking rain not a sprinkle. I was just wondering what kind of protection it actually provided. Thanks
  13. K

    Explorer II to the E-Trac

    I have owned my Explorer II since 2003 and I am looking to get a new machine. I love the EXII and it still operates but it shows its age ;the external speaker at full volume is only audible with your ear against the machine so I have to use headphones. Don't get me wrong I usually use headphones...
  14. K

    Hauling the detector(s) and gear

    Looking for some ideas. Please help. I just purchased a new to me 2012 Jeep and would like to keep the interior as clean as possible. So my thoughts, use the receiver hitch to tote my machines using a Trailer Hitch Carrier and then some other form of container. Here is where I am at a loss. Do I...
  15. K

    ID help please

    A buddy of mine found this so I am not entirely sure of dimensions. Found at a site that was populated in the mid to late 1800's. Any insight would be great. Thanks
  16. K

    Explorer II for sale in classifieds

    Please take a look if interested.
  17. K

    TDI battery pack question

    Is there a way to use disposable double a's or removable rechargeable batteries?
  18. K

    Explorer II help PLEASE

    I will be using the Explorer II for Digging in Virginia hunt in 14 days and have read some scary posts. Do any of you have experience with the Explorer II in the Virginia hot soil? If so, any tips/settings would be great. Thank you
  19. K

    Tesoro Golden uMax- For Sale. just posted on Classifieds

    Hey all, if you are looking for a different machine for spring. Just posted on classified forum
  20. K

    One Thousand

    This weekend I found my one thousandth penny for the year. Too bad they were not worth more.