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    Cross reference coil treasure tech Cabela's 5-in coil?

    I am searching for a friend that has very good success with this detector just using 8-in we're looking to use and if available a 5 in we're just not sure I can't find any info on which 5-in to grab that will interchange with this detector if anybody could help that would be great!
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    Are there any difference between the F-19 & G-2+?

    $399.00 on fleabag f-19 $284.00
  3. A

    Are there any difference between the F-19 & G-2+?

    I am asking for a friend and I've seen some really good deals on f19s and I've had a G2 in the past but not the Plus so I was just kind of curious are there any differences other than physical appearances between the f19s and the G2 Plus?
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    Vista 5kHz detector?

    The relic was 8 kilohertz just so you know I spent a lot of time with the relic found a lot of great things and you do or you did have to work it slow not a fast swinging machine death was incredible but the ironic thing I did find a lot of gold rings with it LOL which didn't make sense to me...
  5. A

    Vista GOLD HOUND

    Can't wait to hear about the info on this machine!
  6. A

    Proud owner of DeepTech Vista metal detectors!

    im a loyalist through and through!
  7. A

    Just got my X back from the Service Center (Joe Huber)

    Joe is a great man he's a personal friend of mine he's actually through metal detecting maine forums has sponsored seeded hunts and volunteered alot of times for different events over the years and due to the last three yrs there have been alot of changes for us and personel friends that we've...
  8. A

    Any Warrior users out there, likes and dislikes?

    well thats great to know about the warrior and yes i got very good with my RELIC that i have very good luck with 8khz machines i find more gold stuff with that freq then i have any other " go figuire right?" the RELIC you have to work slow for the recovery speed one of my greatest finds wit...
  9. A

    Any Warrior users out there, likes and dislikes?

    getting back in it but or try to due to hip problems maybe 20 minute spurts at a time but so any one owning these machines tell me about them ?
  10. A

    The X, is it for me?

    Just my humble opinion and where i've learned with the older deeptech machines is knowing the nuances and finding the right head phones to be able to understand the language of the machine better.
  11. A

    Does anyone still use the Vista RG 1000 V-2?

    also another secret i discovered about DeepTech machines too was if you ran Cal Rad brand cheapo head phones the nuances of the machine coming across certain targets were very inhanced.....or at least wit the older models to my ears, especially aluminum really was nice for me helped...
  12. A

    Does anyone still use the Vista RG 1000 V-2?

    this is so cool to read this and humbled in the beggining stages of deeptech which i still have my relic and still use today but i havent been doing the detecting for quite sometime due to hip problems and had friends move away too that we were deeply involved in the hobbie and things had...
  13. A

    Hey does anybody use the RELIC?

    i never see anyone ever use the relic? i don't know why i've had great success with mine its like a mini on steroids and has a boost 8khz and is very deep i just bought mine back that i had plemen roshkov himself retweek a bit and have a round 5" hockey puck coil that really works good in the...
  14. A

    Anyone here run the RELIC?

    I find it kind of odd I see nobody is still running a RELIC yet ? hey everyone its been a while since I've been here, but anyway its the warrior, smart and gold show still but nothing wrong with that i'm just surprised no one has taken the time to really run one I have found some of my best...
  15. A

    whats a keene 12volt hookah system worth complete set up?

    I have complete 12 volt electric hookah dive system everything works as it should was purchased new for $2200 2 hose system that are 20' floating inner tube compressor and air tank and what ever else make it complete unit is 5 years old looking for a fair used value price?
  16. A

    anybody tried the AU gold search unit yet?

    looking for anyone's views that has tried it see what they think I've seen one vid out there but from what I've seen it reminds me of the old gold II so far looks pretty good.
  17. A

    minelab eureka gold

    there is no forum I see for this unit so not sure where to post on the minelab forums for there forums looking to see just how good they are by folks that have run them?
  18. A

    any one have experience with the minelab eureka gold detector

    have been watching vids of this machine and not usually a minelab guy but kinda liked what I saw but actual opinions of users would like some feedback please?
  19. A

    1880's to 90's cylindrical whiskey citrene color 11" tall what is it worth?

    this is a 3 piece mold unembossed whiskey bottle this color seems to be rare or hard to find any idea on what's it worth?