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    Never sell that 1236x2! I owned and used them for years. My opinion the 1236x2 is the BEST all around detector that was ever make!
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    What has been your # 1 detector in years passed

    Fisher 1236X2 without a doubt the best all around detector ever.
  3. O


    Vito, thanks for that info, it is just what I was trying to find out. May all your photos be in focus!
  4. O


    When I shot infrared I had to use a number 25 dark red filter. A filter passes it's own color. I know nothing about digital, can you shoot b&w. and if you can maybe shoot a b&w with a red filter? B&w was my favorite medium.
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    I'm an old film photographer and I used to shoot a lot of infrared film. Can you make an infrared exposure with digital?
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    Best Machine for jewelry on land

    I had two detectors that were bloodhounds for gold and jewelry. One was the Tesoro Vaquero and the other the old Fisher 1236x2. The Fisher was, in my opinion, the best all around find everything detector ever produced. So Sorry I parted with it.
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    How to Interpret Scripture

    Hey guys, there is a christian detecting forum, I suggest you take your posts there. Thanks
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    Silver umax

    I bagged a pristine Silver umax only $155 shipped. Always wanted one and it performs perfectly. BTW, anyone know where I can get an owners manual? I can't download and my grandson and greatgrandsons will eventually get this machine. Thanks, Oldknifemaker HH
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    CZ7a pro

    There is a 7a pro for sale on another website. Anyone have experience with a 7apro, good or bad? I'm interested. Thanks
  10. O


    What is a 1236x2 in very good condition selling for now? Any estimates are welcome. Keith
  11. O


    As a detectorist I consider myself a treasure hunter no matter how small the find. Anything I find that is of value to me I consider treasure. That said, how many of you have heard of the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn? Want to find out? Do a search for " The Hidden Treasure of Forrest Fenn...
  12. O

    New Compadre and $$

    Took my new Compadre out this A.M. for a walk thru the Kids Kingdom play park. Came out with 8 quarters, 11 dimes, 1 nickel, 11 pennies, one $5 Mexican bicentennial coin, numerous curiosities, and the best, a perfect big black Raven feather to stick in my go-to-hell- hat. You gentlemen are...
  13. O

    This may come as a big surprise....

    but I make knives! Among other things. Really wish I had the wherewithal to post photos. Would be great if someone would tell me how to do that and what I would need to do that. HH Keith. BTW I'm heading out from south central NM tomorrow heading for Missouri and the Ozarks. Been wanting to...
  14. O

    Got my new Compadre

    Got it with the small coil. Neat little detector. I took it to a playground and a park and found as much as I would with my Vaquero. Light and one knob simple. Did not like the bright white coil. The reflection was blinding me. So I found the pinpoint center, masked off a penny size...
  15. O

    What happened to the Classifieds

    My computer expired on me and I've been gone for a while. What happened to the classifieds forum? Is it still here hiding somewhere?
  16. O

    Question please....

    Please excuse my ignorance, but, what is the NEL Sharpshooter coil, who makes it, and what detectors use it? Thanks