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Search results

  1. D

    Who is going to buy an Equinox anymore

    Have not been on the forums much... But seeing the 700 and 900 for within $200 in price and the 900 includes a 6 inch coil not sure if this is the same coil from the 600/800 guessing it is>?... Either way you could take the extra coil from the 900 and sell it for at least $100... and really cut...
  2. D

    Pinpointers What’s your favorite?

    Currently using the Minelab Pro Find 20...Accurate. Extremely long battery life... cannot complain.
  3. D

    1980 Copper Dime???

    one park I hunt the dimes and quarters come out a bright orange... they go all in the tumbler the same way.
  4. D

    Short hunt

    Great job... I am at 11 silver coins for the year but have been out a ton... For me 11 is very good as I hunt mostly modern locations...I also notice some of the reported finds... there is one guy on another forum... every time he goes out claims to find over $30 in clad in 5 hours and of...
  5. D

    Equinox Grip

    I put vet tape on mine gives a little cushioning. Like tennis racket handle tape.
  6. D

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    I detect on way home from work and a park a block from my house 3-5x a week... That way I use zero extra gas. Even thinking about a backpack and bike...
  7. D

    Awesome day!!!

    Incredible hunt!
  8. D

    Ghost Signal

    My guess sidewall... go in with handheld pointer dig along side wall...
  9. D

    Best way to mark a site, so you can come back and dig later

    I think you are talking about gridding out a specific location. I also use those little utility flags that are used for marking gas lines..whatever while I am detecting.... If you are worried the next time you might go over some of the same area... do not worry... I always laugh at these people...
  10. D

    Member Ranking

    You just started a new post...congrats...
  11. D

    Is Metal Detecting on the Decline?

    As cities fence/gate school grounds, forest preserves ban detecting, the covid did not help less drops... Unless by a beach I would say yes it's on the decline as more and more people just carrying credit cards... I am almost up to $100 in clad.. but I am busting my butt having almost 100 hours...
  12. D

    Old Dog Tax and Flat Buttons

    Nice find with that dog tag!
  13. D

    1st Silver For The Year

    wow that is crazy.. image it was and scratching it with you digger.
  14. D

    1876 Ottoman Gold Coin

    So... you find a gold coin and a gold ring....and got one single response that is terrible.... GREAT finds thanks for posting... maybe a few others could respond.. over 125 views... these forums have changed over the years...
  15. D

    1st Silver For The Year

    Surprise! great find!!!
  16. D

    Deus 2 on the gold!!! Local beach!!! Very surprised.

    You are the gold ring king!
  17. D

    Any idea what is is?

    top to an incense container?
  18. D

    Windy, but mild hunt today....

    Wow nice mix congrats!
  19. D

    7 more days with the equinox new user update

    First signal on it was 36... then drop to 31... more like a quarter at that point... but either way I was digging... I am also using the 6 inch coil but have switched to the stock a few times...
  20. D

    7 more days with the equinox new user update

    Thanks learning a little more each time.