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  1. M

    Fisher F75+ or T2+ or Whites MX7

    Hi Guys,Like I need another metal detector lol but have been thinking about the Fisher F75+ or the T2+ or maybe the Whites MX7...Would appreciate your opinions on why you think one over the other,the pros and cons that we all deal with....I currently own a Teknetics Omega version4 had since it...
  2. M

    Patriot & Omega coils

    Hi guys and gals,have been thinking of purchasing the new Teknetics Patriot which from what I have read is a rebadged Fisher F70 so it has my attention for the new price point it now has{ Thanks First Texas}...Having an Omega and Gamma I wanted to know If thecoils would interchange from my Omega...
  3. M

    Ace 350

    Was on the Garrett web site the past few days and no longer see the ace350 listed just the euro ace,did they change the name and if so what else did they change or is it just to have a euro model to compete with the other Texas company..didn't see any of the ace 350 videos or other info they use...
  4. M

    Delta or Eurotek pro with 10 inch elliptical concentric coil

    Hello everyone,Im thinking of adding a third detector to my greek series detectors.I have the Omega with the 11 inch dd and the gamma with the 5 inch dd coil on that one.That leaves me with the 10 inch concentric elliptical coil left over from the omega three coil pack,yes i have lower rods so...
  5. M

    3300 vs legacy 3500

    Ok those in the know,can you tell me is there any difference between a Bounty Hunter 3300 vs a Bounty Hunter Legacy 3500..Same machine packaged for diff retailers?or is there truly a difference....Thanks Markmac
  6. M

    Camp Ground Hunt

    Good evening to all my fellow hobbiest.. I took the gamma with the 5inch coil to the local campground down the road from me.I decided to hunt there since its closed now for the season and its the first time i have tried hunting there, im usually acroos the lake at the park area but decided to...
  7. M


    Ok Monte and the rest of you gamma 6000 owners i just bought a gamma 6000 as a back up detector for my Omega,ok Monte you were right lmao.Well anyway after assembly yesterday and fitting the 5inch coil from my omega and briefly scanning the owners manual which i should have read better lol i...
  8. M

    Penny Evening

    Good evening to everyone, had to mow the grass tonight so after that was done had about a half hour or so to run down the road to part of the park i hunt.had the 5inch dd coil on the Omega,ground balanced at around 50 disc on 1 and nothced out the iron and foil.Didnt have much time but in about...
  9. M

    Omega 5 inch beats big brothers

    Had about an hour last night before my grandsons baseball game so went to the park i hunt with my Omega.Had it grounf balanced at 54 sensitivity at 80 and was in disc mode with notching nickles back in since the area i was hunting is filled with junk.I have hunted this park hard for two months...
  10. M

    First Texas Omega Sales + 1

    Ok to all you Omega owners and to Monte for the great praise on the Omega,its all your fault lol.I could not hold out any longer i tried but you all would not give up and you wore me out with all the possitive things you have posted on the Omega 8000 by First Texas.I ordered the three coil pkg...
  11. M

    Master Hunter Line

    Hello to all,my curiosity gets the best of me sometimes lol and i was wondering what other peoples thoughts and views may be on why we dont see a Master Hunter detector offered from Garrett any longer. I think last oct was the last build dates for those is what i think the lady at garrett told...
  12. M

    Royal Sabre

    Hey everyone just happened to notice a very nice looking Tesoro Royal Sabre on a certain auction site.Well worth the money for some one that likes some of the older Tesoro models..I happen to own a Royal Sabre since new and wont part with mine even though would like to have a new tesoro...
  13. M

    Tesoro Web Site

    Hello to all just wanted to pass on that i see that the Tesoro Web Site is advertising their 30th year anniversary,makes me think or maybe wishfull thinking that maybe we will soon see a new Tesoro machine shortly.Kind of like hold on guys and gals something big is coming.maybe im just wishing...
  14. M

    Master Hunter 7 ADS

    Hello im getting back in to metal detecting and just bought a Garrett Master Hunter 7 ads of ebay,i know its an older model but years ago i owned a master hunter ads and wished i never got rid of that one im old school i guess and also own a 25 year old Tesoro Royal Sabre thats in mint...
  15. M


    WOW a Tesoro Royal Sabre for sale on ebay, when was the last time you saw one of these for sale on there.I have had my royal sabre since it was new, close to 25 years now and just sent in to rusty to have tuned up for the first time.Yes i know they are older machines but they sure hold up well...