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  1. M

    1872 Church Gives Up More Silver

    Today I again hunted the 1872 country church where I found a Seated Dime a couple of weeks ago. The site is about two acres with a gravel drive dividing the area in half. I hunted the side that I didn't get to last time and could tell right away that it also had been hunted hard like the other...
  2. M

    F75 Finds Seated Second Time Around

    I hunted an 1872 country church last spring and after about an hour of hunting I had found nothing. Most all the signals were single digit iron hits, so I wrote it off as hunted out. Today I decided to hunt it a second time around and concentrate on any double digit signals that were 40's and...
  3. M

    Hunting Alone With The F75

    With the stay at home order in effect in my area I have not been out for a while. Yesterday I decided that going out to metal detect qualified as getting exercise. Not wanting to offend anyone, I drove to an abandoned church that was out in the country with nothing but farm fields around it. I...
  4. M

    56 VDI On Indian Head Cent

    Yesterday I hunted an 1871 country church and found only one coin. The site has obviously been hunted hard. The one coin that I dug was a very green 1891 Indian Head Cent. The Indian Head was about 5" and gave a 55-56 VDI reading in all directions. The signal was not overly loud, but it had...
  5. M

    Photos: Which is better-Large or Small

    The redesigned forum allows for thumbnail photos that you can click on and enlarge or the larger photo that you can put with your post. I like the detail the larger photo shows, but it can somewhat overwhelm the post. Some are using the Thumbnail while others are opting for the already enlarged...
  6. M

    Nel Tornado Coil Update

    I posted in October about having Ground Balance problems with the 12"X13'' Nel Tornado coil on the F75. After several factory resets,the problem of not ground balancing properly seemed resolved only to return again on my next hunt. The Nel coils come with a 2 year warranty and have a service...
  7. M

    Is An Old Dirty "V" Nickel Better Than A Shiny Merc ?

    I hunted a grove of trees next to an old country church that in the past has given up 5 Indian Heads and several Wheats. After 3 hours of hunting with the F75, my finds for the day were the 1944 Merc and the 1906 V Nickel. The Nickel is probably in the best condition (environmentaly) of any that...
  8. M

    Hunting Old Grange With F75

    With colder weather forecast for the next 7-10 days,I decided to try an old 1903 school house that has been converted to a Grange Hall. I hunted this site about a year ago and felt there were more coins to be found. The area has a moderate amount of trash so I set the F75 in Motion All Metal...
  9. M

    Digging 50-60's VDI Numbers With F75

    Today I was able to hunt an early 1900's country church yard with the F75. I used Motion All Metal Mode with Sensitivity set at 88. After about a half hour hunting without even a memorial or clad it was obvious that the area had been hunted hard. Instead of giving up I decided to start digging...
  10. M

    Nel Tornado First Day Results

    After solving a Ground Balance issue with the Nel 12" X 13" Tornado coil on my F75,I took it to a small church yard that I hunted in March of this year. When I hunted it in March with the stock 11"coil I was able to find 6 Wheats and 1 Mercury Dime after hunting it for about 5 hours. Today I...
  11. M

    Ground Balance With Nel Tornado Coil

    I have been trying the 12" X 13" Nel Tornado coil on the F75. While doing the Fast Grab Ground Balance I have noticed that it is sometimes stubborn to Ground Balance. It will sometimes stay on the number that is on the screen until I do the up and down motion 10-12 times I have tested this by...
  12. M

    4 Silver Coin Spill

    Today I hunted a rural recreation area that was built in the early 50's. It is an area that was established by a local college to be used by the employees of the school for annual picnics and special occasions. It is about five acres of open field with several picnic shelters. I started by...
  13. M

    Old Motel Silver

    Today I hunted a picnic grove area where an old highway motel was in the 1940's. Before today,hunting it 10-12 times over the years, this grove had produced over 70 Wheats and 9 silver dimes. Back in the 40's when the motel was active people traveling by car would sit on the ground and have...
  14. M

    Wheat Cent Spill Record

    Today I had a chance to hunt a private yard in a small town near me. My first finds were a green 1918 Wheat Cent and then a 5 inch Mercury Dime that gave a solid 74 signal. I then came across another strong 74 signal that I thought was going to be another silver dime. After digging down about 6...
  15. M

    Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

    Upon receiving the March 2019 edition of Western and Eastern Treasure Magazine, it was announced in "From The Editor" section that March 2019 would be the last month for printed editions of the magazine. I have enjoyed reading this magazine for over 50 years after having been given hand-me-down...
  16. M

    Low Number Nickels

    We are having warm weather for December so I took the F75 back to an 1895 church that I hunted this fall. The temperature was in the mid 40's and the black soil was moist but not muddy. After finding a few Wheats and an Indian Head that were showing low numbers in the upper 50's to mid 60's, I...
  17. M

    Lincoln VDB But No S

    I took the F75 back to an old 1895 country church where I found 4 silvers in mid October after a heavy rain. With even more rain the last few days, the ground was wet down to 8-9 inches. I was able to find 10 coins that I missed last month. The Lincolns Cents are all from the teens except for...
  18. M

    5 Silvers in The Gravel

    Today I hunted a 1903 one room school house in the country that has been converted into a grange hall. I tried hunting the side yard first but it had about 3 inches of dirt on top of a 4 inch layer of limestone gravel and rocks. I didn't hunt this gravel area very long because the digging was...
  19. M

    Wet Ground Produces 4 Silvers

    After several days of heavy rain and cooler temperatures, I hunted an 1895 country church. The ground was very moist and the targets were producing louder than normal signals. I hunted the non trashy areas with the F75 in Motion All Metal Mode. It was somewhat surprising to me that while the...
  20. M

    F75 Double-Filter Discrimination Modes ?

    The F75 LTD and the F75+ are advertised as having "Double-Filter Discrimination Modes For Searching In Trashy Areas". What exactly does this mean? I couldn't find anything in the manual that explains this. What am I missing?