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Search results

  1. Ronstar

    Any idea how or why this was tied this way?

    During the hunt at the Grange Park (My first Franklin) I dug this at about 5-6”. It is bailing wire which appears to have been tied specifically this way for some purpose. I’m not versed enough in fencing to have any knowledgeable ideas and a couple of the cowboys around here are not really sure...
  2. Ronstar

    My first Franklin half dollar!!

    Jkline and I teamed up to detect a semi defunct Grange Hall out in the county this morning. Research showed this place was donated by one Grange to another in 1951. There had been an effort by a Boy Scout as an Eagle project to fix up the building and outhouse in the early 60’s. And holiday...
  3. Ronstar

    Tiny gear looking thingy

    Dug this up this afternoon near where I got the Barber dime last week. First thought was clockworks part but wire it is on is pretty stout. Any ideas? Dime is for size reference. The two sharper looking discs are solid on wire, the flowery looking gear slides around.
  4. Ronstar

    Went looking for gold but came home with bronze.

    Decided last minute to head out about 5:30 and hunt for a couple hours until dark. That elusive gold is somewhere in the intramural field, I can feel it! Decided to work a grid pattern and dig everything foil to quarter. Made a whole whooping 65 cents in clad, 5 copper pennies and a butt load of...
  5. Ronstar

    Think about this for a minute

    Media and the overly vocal black rights movement are continuing to show the clip of 4-5 police officers chasing this guy around the car and then using deadly force once he is pinned in the door frame. Little mention of he had a warrant (not that big a deal), that his children were present inside...
  6. Ronstar

    My first Barber dime in an unlikely place.

    Jkline and myself decided to meet up and spend the morning still learning our new machines. After the you decide, no you decide game it was decided the soccer field near the Middle School and more specifically behind the Youth Center was our target for the day. We split up and occasionally I...
  7. Ronstar

    Watch or ring?

    Went out today with jkline. We hit a Forest Service campground that has a local swimming hole, we decided to just split the area 50/50 and what pops out. I struck first with ‘44D wheatie. Weird thing is it was mixed into a coin spill of zincolns! Not sure if incidental find or if it was in with...
  8. Ronstar

    F75 “bottle cap” program abnormality

    On the program setting is the BC program. This is supposed to eliminate most bottle caps as I understand it. Today I was out at an older county park which was and still is notorious for late night beer parties. Same park that I have pulled two silver dimes and three silver quarters. Hoping this...
  9. Ronstar

    Whats in a name?

    I see different avatar names and just wonder what yours means or why you picked that as a name. As a county deputy I felt it was my job to know as much about my county as humanly possible. I made a cheat sheet for the guys on place names in the county just so if a call came in from a backwoods...
  10. Ronstar

    The Ringfinders

    Is anybody here associated with The Ringfinders? When I purchased my new detector it came with a free one year membership, I spoke with the founder Chris by phone when I first joined on. The idea is a sound one and he seemed quite nice and knowledgeable. I attempted to enter and follow...
  11. Ronstar

    Some type of a plug???

    Dug two of these this morning on intramural field. About the size of a 50 cent piece, probably brass. Back side is not threaded but the smaller section looks like it fits into something so the larger front would fit flush. They are rather heavy for their size. Any ideas?
  12. Ronstar

    Question about depth accuracy in pinpoint mode

    Quick Q? For the F75 crowd. I’ve noticed now that when pinpointing a solid target the depth indication is off. Its saying basically 2” deeper than it really is. Also, this morning it rained here lightly. As long as I kept the coil just off the cut grass height I could get a depth reading but if...
  13. Ronstar

    Always, always, ALWAYS, check your jewelry finds!!!!

    Ok, short story but it drives home the point! A few months ago I was checking around the “faculty” tennis courts near the Administration Building on the University Campus. Had put the 5” coil on the Fisher F5 as I could get closer to the chain link fence that surrounds the court, in fact 4-6”...
  14. Ronstar

    New F75 no longer a virgin!!

    Got outta bed and went to ballfields where I have recovered so much clad and silver. F75 just arrived Friday and I’ve played just a bit around the house, has been quite hot here so this mornings 60’s were a relief. Decided to work the lines where I have found a majority of the silver rings...
  15. Ronstar

    What do you carry in your possibles bag?

    Just a thought to get all our minds off other things. New detector came with extras supposed to enhance my experience. Kinda got me thinking about what we all carry in the finds pouch or fanny pack or other conveyance. I have a fanny pack carried forward. Salvaged an old leather two pocket coin...
  16. Ronstar

    What do you carry in your possibles bag?

    Just a thought to get all our minds off other things. New detector came with extras supposed to enhance my experience. Kinda got me thinking about what we all carry in the finds pouch or fanny pack or other conveyance. I have a fanny pack carried forward. Salvaged an old leather two pocket coin...
  17. Ronstar

    Product patches, glassware, etc

    Does anyone have a lead or source for cloth patches/ decals/ glassware etc that is a bit more specific to detector brands and models? I can find a few hats, tee shirts, and sweatshirts but nothing on the above.
  18. Ronstar

    In the middle of posting this it got ID’d

    Don’t ya hate that..... totally unable to identify this so was hoping those on here could. Short story to lead into.... Dug this last Saturday just off the edge of recent sidewalk removal. Before sidewalk there was a boardwalk along same stretch. There once was a horse hitching rail here as...
  19. Ronstar

    Made the move up

    Ok!! Just ordered the F75 Ltd Special Edition with 11” and 5” coils and bonus googies. After a lengthy research I was down to the Nox 800 and F75. Watched hours of Youtube footage, pages of forum reviews from various forums and then sat down with a little whiskey on the rocks and my thoughts...
  20. Ronstar

    Not todays, but a discovery of what I dug earlier

    About 5 years ago I hit an old farmhouse lot with permission. Didn’t find a lot of coins but pulled out a Red Goose Shoe token, an old button, a couple pig ear tags, a 1935 WA State tax token, and several old bottle cap openers. One was different than the others and I put them in the “to do...