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Search results

  1. still looking 52

    Pro Police/Fire pushback.

    Now that's cool, love to hear stuff like this.
  2. still looking 52

    And yet another new Fisher detector to add to the arsenal!

    Revier, congrats on your F5 purchase, I'm sure with your experience you'll get maximum use out of it Depth reading on my F5 is astonishingly accurate . Another great feature I use a lot is fading audio, I can tell more about depth listening to the tone than actually looking at the depth meter.
  3. still looking 52

    The EQ2 6 inch coil finds a masked seated liberty ...143 years old

    Still looking for that first seated coin, this gives me hope, really nice find.
  4. still looking 52

    Thanks Old Longhair

    If I have to pick between me or the intruder, I'd rather send flowers.
  5. still looking 52

    Beautiful 1914 Barber dime and indian head cent #1006

    This is really weird, earlier this year I found a 1914 Barber dime in excellent condition just like the one you found Ed, l mean it is EXACTLY! like the one you found. My wife has mind ( hers now) as a necklace.
  6. still looking 52

    Todays finds 9-13-20

    Any day you get silver it's a good day metal detecting, nice SLQ .
  7. still looking 52

    Drove around town this weekend, and took a poll based on yard signs.....

    Something else I've noticed is on this forum Trump supporters are at least 10 to 1 over Biden and we represent a wide diversity of people all across the USA. All you see here in WV Is Trump signs, lots of them, zero Biden signs. I even noticed on this farm the guy had craved out letters 6...
  8. still looking 52

    My first Franklin half dollar!!

    Nice find Ronstar, I'm still looking for my first Ben Franklin half dollar. Looks like that F75 and you are becoming good friends.
  9. still looking 52

    Seated / Barber / SLQ / Semi Key Date V Nickel

    Keeps me motivated seeing all that silver, nice hunting.
  10. still looking 52

    Magical weekend find

    You never know what's coming out next, one reason why metal detecting is fun.
  11. still looking 52

    The Second Amendment....Enjoy it while we have it.

    Our best weapon to keep our weapons is voting, anyone who doesn't believe in the 2nd amendment needs to be voted out of office or better yet not even get in office to begin with. Around here (WV), I can tell you that the only way they'll get our weapons is prying them from our cold dead hands...
  12. still looking 52

    I've thought about the 3 percenter thing and finally came up with an answer...

    This situation we are facing now reminds me of when I was back in junior high and this bully came bugging me, just so happens he was black and the last straw was when we were playing basketball which was mandatory in gym class, he elbowed me for no reason and I just snapped, next thing I knew I...
  13. still looking 52

    No threshold him on F5

    I've been running my F5 for 6 years now, it's my only detector and I've logged thousands of hours on it and there is no HUM on my machine ever. For maximum depth I run my threshold at positive 3 and turn the gain up as high as possible before it starts chattering usually about 85 in most...
  14. still looking 52

    My first Barber dime in an unlikely place.

    That's all it takes to send us silver junkies into orbit, one nice shiny coin. Really nice find Ronstar, sounds like on this day Fisher won.
  15. still looking 52

    Is our nation farther gone than I thought?

    At some point we'll be forced to stand up to these people who are causing this internal terrorism, the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. The s"""" is going to hit the fan right after Trump wins this election in November and that's when we'll have to get serious with these internal...
  16. still looking 52

    My First Walking Liberty Half Dollar

    Really special find, beautiful coin . I've found a few but none in the last few years, in my book that's consider a trophy find.
  17. still looking 52

    So President Trump is asking for drug test ,,

    I use to work for Firestone car repair shop and they required a drug test for tire changers so it seems reasonable that someone wanting to be president should be required. Also drug testing should be required for anyone receiving welfare that would save us a bunch of money.
  18. still looking 52


    That's one beautiful coin, looks to be in excellent condition, still on my bucket list.
  19. still looking 52

    Watch or ring?

    That's a really weird find, never seen anything like that before. You just never know what's coming up next.
  20. still looking 52

    1950's School Yard Shocker

    I posted on the f series forum a couple days ago where I found a silver quarter and your quarter looks "EXACTLY" like the one I found. We were hunting a junior high school that was built in 1949, we've taken over 100 clad coins out of this place in the last three hunts with only four wheat...