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Search results

  1. M

    Fisher F-Pulse volume

    I use the F-Pulse on vibrate only and it works well for me. I also keep the LED light off, thinking it will save battery life. (Probably very minimal)
  2. M

    Seated / Barber / SLQ / Semi Key Date V Nickel

    Very nice. The 1894 V Nickel is a hard date to find. Great hunts.
  3. M

    F75 “bottle cap” program abnormality

    I don't use the BC Process but on page 31 of the manual under the heading "STEEL BOTTLE CAPS & FLAT IRON TRASH" it suggests under #2 to use dp (Delta Pitch) which causes bottle caps to ID lower on the scale. Like I said I don't use BC so I can't tell you if it helps or not.
  4. M

    Silver Quarter

    Nice recovery. The SLQ's don't show up very often.
  5. M

    Is it a marble?

    Nice Franklin Half. I like finding the old lantern parts, they seem to show up in the old sites. Many were used on buggies and wagons before cars were around. They make a nice display when you have several of them. Some pieces have patent dates on them.
  6. M

    Big Silver / Gold / Semi Key Date Indian Penny And Others

    The silver is great. I like the 1908-S Indian Head the most. Nice find.
  7. M

    Made the move up

    The F75 has many features to experiment with. After trying them all you will settle into a couple modes that you use 90% of the time. When I first got mine in 2007 ,I carried the manual with me for reference but soon became accustomed with the different modes of operation. With your experience...
  8. M

    Seeking max depth...

    When hunting for deep coins, I use an F75 with the 12" X 13" Nel Tornado Coil, and the deepest I can find a coin in clean ground is about 10" which is not very often. Most of the "deep" coins I find are in the 8"-9" range. I think most of the old coins still to be found that are in the hard...
  9. M

    Another one dime day!

    Nice to see a freshly dug Barber. I haven't seen one in a while. Nice looking dime.
  10. M

    Bucket lister morning. Kruzer gets silver

    They are few and far in between. Very nice.
  11. M

    Good coil aftermarket coil for the F75?

    I use the 12" X 13" Nel Tornado on my F75. I seem to get a bit more depth with it compared to the stock coil. I have never compared the two side by side so the extra inch or so is not substantiated. I can attest to the fact that the greater coverage area helps me find more coins on any given...
  12. M

    Found a small tribe...

    Nice finds. Many Indian Heads have been passed over because of the kind of signal the green patina causes. Next to silver ,the greens are my favorite color in the hole. Three Indians in one day is a great day.
  13. M

    Out in the country

    You never know when silver will show up. Way to go on sticking it out in the heat. That's a nice "O" mintmark Barber.
  14. M

    Got a big Lincoln today....sort of !

    Looks like it may be a watch fob. It's a nice find.
  15. M

    Silver Rosie breaks the drought

    The 49-S is the key date in the silver Roosevelt Dime set. Nice Find.
  16. M

    Old house hunt

    Very nice 1919 Mercury dime. It might even go AU-50
  17. M

    1872 Church Gives Up More Silver

    Today I again hunted the 1872 country church where I found a Seated Dime a couple of weeks ago. The site is about two acres with a gravel drive dividing the area in half. I hunted the side that I didn't get to last time and could tell right away that it also had been hunted hard like the other...
  18. M

    Double whammy day

    Finding $3 in silver and nearly 25 rings is very good. Sounds like a nice local spot you can hit when you only have a few hours to hunt. Finding 2 half dollars in the same area does make it seem like no one else has hunted it very hard.
  19. M

    F75 Finds Seated Second Time Around

    I hunted an 1872 country church last spring and after about an hour of hunting I had found nothing. Most all the signals were single digit iron hits, so I wrote it off as hunted out. Today I decided to hunt it a second time around and concentrate on any double digit signals that were 40's and...
  20. M

    Pin Pointers - shopping for a new one.

    I have both the Fisher F-Pulse and the Teknetics Tek-Point which are actually the same pin pointer. My experience is that neither hardly ever "false",but the Fisher will false less than the Teknetics. All other functions seem the same. I use the Fisher as my main pin pointer and always bring...