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    high gain and normal or low gain and sharp? which go deeper?

    Hello guys.. for relic hunting is better going with a powerlfull timing like sharp and go down with rx gain for let the gpx stable or is better going a less powerfull timing like normal and going with a higher rx?
  2. B

    Anti interference coil VS Cancel mode

    Hello guys I bought a 11 A.I coiltek coil for an area with huge Emi... i tested it in air and the difference on depth VS the cancel mode with the 11dd stock coil is around on 3 or 4 inches on a big target (vittorio emanuele II 10 cent copper 10grams and 3 centimeters of diameter) so i think is a...
  3. B

    best mode for "discriminate" small targets

    Hello guys, anyone got any tips for avoid very small target with the gpx 5000? like a small nail or a micro piece of bronze or copper? For relic and coin hunting digging a lot of micro piece of metal is very frustrating.. i think with "coin" timing i can avoid some micro piece of metals but in...
  4. B

    deepest (not PI) detector for high mineralized soil?

    Hello guys, from your experience, what is a deep (not pulse induction) metal detector for high mineralized soil for coin/relic hunting?
  5. B

    update after a bit of time from relase..

    Hello guys, it's been a while since the 1.7.5 update was released.. i think i lot of you tried it very nice.. so pro and cons of this update? i read some problem with pinpointer and metal unstable and chatting? Thanks!!
  6. B

    default setting SD 2200v2 vs gpx 5000

    Hello guys someone have any idea about the default setting in the sd2200v2 vs the gpx 5000? I mean for example the sd2200v2 setting are the same of the gpx in "normal timing"!
  7. B

    17"x11" vs 14"

    Hello guys, i'm undecided about this two coil size... which difference about depth and sensibility? I'm talking about same type of coil with only different size! Thanks!!
  8. B

    Coiltek AI.. mono or dd?

    Hello guys! I don't understand if Anti Interference coiltek coil are Mono or DD... Can someone tell me? And.. how much deep i will lost with 11 AI compared with a normal 11DD commander in relic hunting?
  9. B

    Why all the earth sound iron in all metal?

    Hello guys, today i tried my nox 600! I search in high mineralized ground.. if i set no sound for ferrous target is all ok.. but if i set "all metal sound" everywhere sounds like iron.. the ground sound like iron! I tried to balanced auto and manual but is the same.. there is a reason? I like...
  10. B

    Equinox 600/800 is stable like my ctx?

    Hello guys.. i'm a minelab fan (i got ctx 3030 and gpx 5000) and i would to buy another minelab and using it where i need high recovery speed (ctx is a really good machine but no very fast!!).. someone can tell me if the equinox works quiet and stable in all condition like my ctx? I had a deus...
  11. B

    Sd2200v2 modded or not?

    Hello i'm new here! I bought a sd2200v2 last week.. the old owner told me the metal detector as been modded but he don't know what kind of modification.. i'm not expert and i don't know if is this true or not.. i opened the case and i see inside.. all white except 3 small pieces.. In the photo...
  12. B

    GPX 4000, 4500 and 5000.. real difference?

    Hello guys, I would buy a metal detector like GPX.. ( I haven't considered the old series SD and GP because i read the GPX series are more stable with better discrimination).. I don't need to find gold (i'm Italian and here i can't get gold :angry: ) but i need to use it in some land really...
  13. B

    CTX setting for very high mineralized soil

    Hello guys, i'm new on CTX3030 and i'm from Italy (So excuse me for my bad english :bouncy: ) I use CTX for 1 months and, obviously, i'm not really good with it! In my city i got a really mineralized soil.. ctx suggest me to set 8 sensibility a lot of time.. So these are my settings...
  14. B

    Nel Tornado on G2?

    Hello! I'm new and i'm from Italy (sorry for my english :D ) I got a G2 but i want more depth so i think to buy a new coil more big then stock 11dd. I find a 12x13" NEL tornado a good price. Is good for G2? I gain depth? Some problem than the stock coil? Some more good coil for G2? :D Thank you...