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Search results

  1. O

    My first half cent

    Re-posting the pic for all to see. again any input i why the bluish tint would be appreciated, must of been the minerals in the soil. About 4 inches deep CO
  2. O


    Brian, nice going. Its been a while was that your first gold coin? I know you find those great sites. Curt O
  3. O

    is this from a tractor or a gas line?

    really thanks a bunch, that is awesome. Figured with the vent holes might of had to do with heat of some sorts. CO
  4. O

    is this from a tractor or a gas line?

    found this old brass? conglomeration. Wonder if its from an old motor or a gas light fixture? any ideas. thanks Curt O
  5. O

    My first half cent

    I havent posted in several years- meant to post this here, but started somewhere else on the forum. With my elderly 2011 camo F75 ltd (upgraded), found this in Sept, my first half cent (yes in rough shape) Found at the site of an old residence built in 1816, now slowly being restored. We can see...
  6. O

    found a half cent

    I havent posted in several years. With my elderly 2011 camo F75 ltd (upgraded), found this in Sept, my first half cent (yes in rough shape) Found at the site of an old residence built in 1816, now slowly being restored. We can see a 4 in the position of the last number, so we are thinking 1804...
  7. O

    lead object

    Ok found this along a river. 2 and a half inches across, about a half inch thick, lead. Any idea on the markings, or just random? Hole drilled in it for what, fishing line? Backside flat, no tapered edges like the front and faint serrated lines like perhaps the bottom of a mold? Havent...
  8. O

    Does the Carrot Propointer ever misbehave?

    Ive owned probably 4 regular Garret Propointers over the years and have made out well with them. Have had the Orange One probably for several years now. Like it also. Past few weeks though, I turn it on and the light comes on but putting it up to metal no beep, no vibrate. I have to cycle it...
  9. O

    purpose of this mermaid

    rummage sale find, Pewter? see nickle for size reference. What im wondering is whats with the round dish depression , makes me wonder if it was for rouge or as an incense holder? the round depression is about the size of a dime. art deco? Mermaid looks bored. . thanks all. Been several years...
  10. O

    what kind of plate?

    My wife was unpacking some things her mother left her, and found this. We are stumped. Anybody know? thanks CO
  11. O

    Any ideas? i think Methodist, What Era?

    Havent posted in several years. Glad to be back. Found this enameled pin at an old site. Any body know what era? I believe it is Methodist. What is the QE for? thanks CO
  12. O

    My First Seated Half!

    Folks, havent posted in a while. Today, out with a friend, got my first seated half. We were working an area of woods near an old quarry area. The quarry in the day shipped stone out to help build NYC and other cities. I was heading back to the road to call it a day, and swinging my way back...
  13. O

    First 2016 Silvers include a Walker

    With permission hunting an old campground got my first silver of the year. The walker is the first ive gotten in several years and was an inch away from the quarter next to an old rotting tree stump. The dimes were by a lake there, and the barber totally predates the campground. Got also 9 wbs...
  14. O

    My first silver 3 cent piece, a beaut!

    Been a little over 3 weeks since my knee injury. Im up and limping. Its 50 degrees out and i gotta go. Took my buddy to a park i havent visited in a while. One where ive found old coins before. I must confess, in the four years since getting the 75ltd, Ive never used the JE mode, Im not...
  15. O

    Forgotten picnic ground Pocket Spill, bunch of old ladies!

    Folks , 5 days after the materials I posted as the last update, I had the best day of all at that forgotten picnic ground site. I had made a trip in between, and went 3 hours without a single find. In the same general area in the first 10 mins I got an 1893 ih penny and 6 feet from that, a 1911...
  16. O

    my second 2 cent piece

    Folks, this Oct has been the best month ive had in several years for finds. The day after getting the stuff i posted in the recent picnic ground update i was out of town on business and an associate arranged for my detecting at a very old estate. In 2 hours this was the only old coin i got and...
  17. O

    Forgotten picnic ground update

    Since my first post have made a number of trips back to the old picnic grounds. Several weeks ago took about 5 hours to find these 2, 1920 wheat backs, a 1925 buffalo nickle, a 1920 mercury dime and two barber dimes, 1898 and 1907.Not shown, a couple modern nickles. Decided to only slightly...
  18. O

    Forgotten picnic ground coins

    Probably took 10 hours and several days to snag these at a well hunted picnic grounds in the woods. The lucky thing was the three IHs were all in one hole. (1888, 1893,1903). The nickels, a V and a Buffalo, were both no dates. The dimes 1936 and 1917s. The Ugly Knife as i call it, is well...
  19. O

    idea on origin of this imagery?

    Found this, posted it on Today Finds, any experts out there on such imagery, or do you think it adorned a piece of furniture or something. What i dont get is the round projections under the chin, are they curls, a collar, ?
  20. O

    Cool Face in the River

    Used the FA mode to find this today on a gravel bar in the lower than usual river here. Thats not a nail hole near the top so i dont know if this was tack welded onto something or what, although i dont see evidence of that either. It is fairly hefty and steel i think. I wonder if those kind of...